Precautions for decoration of rental housing

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In the face of rental housing, many Wuhan decoration owners always want to dress up this temporarily owned space beautifully. Then you have to take a look at the following five decoration points that cannot be ignored, so as to help you build your own nest smoothly

precautions for rental housing decoration 1. Space division

how to make full use of space in rental housing is the most headache for Wuhan decoration owners. The owner always hopes to separate more rooms. In fact, this idea is understandable. But we must pay attention to the relative independence of the room and the independence of some public spaces, because you may not rent to two unknown customers. Just like a classmate on the Internet who put forward the idea of installing electricity meters separately in each room of the rental house is very good. Another possibility is the material of the partition wall. If the rental time is relatively long, we must consider sound insulation and other issues. When the housing load allows, we may consider using light partition walls, which can better meet the use of different rental groups, improve the service life, and also be conducive to future maintenance and renovation. In addition, the water supply and drainage caused by structural changes, including the drainage of air conditioners, should also be considered comprehensively

precautions for decoration of rental housing 2. Selection of main materials

don't consider the wood floor for the whole ground, just use vitrified bricks. If the laminate floor is rented, the low price will not be used for a few years, and the high input-output ratio of laminate is not cost-effective. Wall tiles don't need to be used too well, but the ground should be used better. Poor bricks have poor anti-skid performance. The ceiling of the cupboard and bathroom should use aluminum buttons. Even if it is poor, it is better than using plastic gusset plates

precautions for decoration of rental housing 3. Artificial auxiliary materials

water and electricity should not be saved. At the same time, considering that the use function of the room varies with the requirements of different users, so if you can check more seats, try to do more. The switch panel should also be used better. The lamp can be cheaper, but the light source is not cheap. It's not too good to paint the wall. I think macro paint is OK. After all, the house is for rent. It's more likely to be dirty and scratched. It's OK to brush it again in the future, and it won't cost much. However, the putty base cannot be poor. If the wall paint can match the light, it is better to adjust the color of furniture, but it should be mainly light color. The color should not exceed R2, so it is much easier to cover the light with deep paint in the future. As for furniture, if it takes a long time to rent, it's better to make cabinets on site. First, the use time is longer, and second, the environmental protection is better. Now the furniture specially for rental houses on the market is still too gauze and tastes great. Beds and dining tables should also be firm and strong, and they should be used much longer

notes on decoration of rental housing 4. Management cost problem

generally, houses used for rent are mostly small houses, so we should pay special attention to one problem, that is, the size of the house is inversely proportional to the price invested per square meter in house decoration, which I have discussed in my post before. The second factor is that although the house is small, it is full of courage and courage, and the process is the same. The energy invested by the management personnel is the same. For the decoration party, it is like chicken ribs without meat, and it is delicious to discard it. Therefore, when decorating a small house, try to contact the neighbors of the community as much as possible, and it is the best policy to decorate it together, pack it in groups, and buy it in groups

precautions for decoration of rental housing 5

if the old house is installed for rent, it is suggested that there should not be too much action, such as changing the wall paint, changing the curtains, etc. At the same time, the problems of slag discharge, handling, etc. in the community should be fully considered

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