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In life, whether we buy a house or decorate or decorate a house, we all need to look at the house type map. What is the house type map? What do the various line symbols on the diagram mean

in life, whether we buy a house or decorate or decorate a house, we all need to look at the house type map. What is the house type map? What do the various line symbols on the diagram mean? If we understand this knowledge, we can try our best to avoid all kinds of "pit" phenomena

house type diagram refers to the plane space layout of the house, that is, the figure describing the practical space, relative position and size of each independent space. How many of these line symbols do you recognize

the orientation of the house follows the directions of the compass, up north, down south, left West, right east

the following line symbols are usually marked on the house type map. Understanding these symbols is very helpful for us to buy a satisfactory house and reasonably plan and decorate the house

Bay and depth

the quality of the house type is closely related to the two indicators of bay and depth. "Bay" refers to the width of the room, which is generally between 3 and 3.9 meters; "Depth" refers to the length of the room, which is generally controlled at about 5 meters. Generally, the two indicators of depth and bay will be marked on the house type map, which is often expressed in the form of "two straight lines pulled out with numbers mixed in the middle"

if the depth is too deep and the bay is narrow, it is not conducive to indoor lighting and ventilation. Generally speaking, the smaller the total value of depth is, the better, while the larger the bay is, the better

before we see the real house, we can roughly calculate the size of each functional area according to the ruler on the house type map. It should be noted that the size of the room cannot be fully displayed on the house type diagram. Although the building area will be marked on most house type diagrams, the actual use area of the house will not be written on the house type diagram

the reasonable area of each major functional area is generally:

full free area and half free area

some house type diagrams will be marked with "free area" and "half free area". The difference between them is that the full free area is free, and there is no need to pay any fee, but the area is not recorded in the area of the real estate certificate, and the general gift is the floating window; The half free area refers to the area of half of the free area, and the other half needs to be paid. In other words, this whole area only needs to pay half of the money, but this half of the area is included in the area of the real estate certificate

it should be noted that if the balcony is open-air, it does not calculate the area originally, which is stipulated. If it is half open, it will be credited with half the area. If it is completely closed, it is impossible to give it away. Even if you ask, the developer will not agree


the door of the house is represented by a fan, which represents the action and range of pushing. The sector inside means the door opens inward, and the sector outside means the door opens outward


windows can be divided into ordinary windows, bay windows and floor to ceiling windows

the painting method of ordinary windows is the simplest, which is expressed in the form of "three parallel lines connected"; The bay window is a "protruding Rectangle", with three lines at the upper end and dotted lines at the lower end

the painting method of the French window is similar to that of the bay window, but it looks much larger than the bay window. If you can't recognize it at a glance, the designer will also mark it


the floating window of the terrace is different. The terrace refers to the roof platform in the residence or the large balcony made in other floors due to the needs of the building structure. Its area is generally large, and there is no roof on it

on the house type diagram, it is expressed in the form of Tian zigzag


the wardrobe is generally a rectangle with a grid drawn inside, similar to the shape of a fence

air conditioner

the placement of air conditioners is indicated by writing the child and parent AC in the rectangular box, or by crossing and drawing a bar in the rectangle

load bearing wall

load bearing wall is an important part of a building that supports and bears the whole building, just like the bones of our human body, and plays a key role in safety and function. Bearing walls cannot be removed or altered without authorization, while non bearing walls can be removed or altered as required

on the house type map, the bold black line is the bearing wall of the house

kitchen and bathroom

bright means bright, those with windows are "bright", and those without windows are "dark". Mingchu Mingwei means that both the kitchen and bathroom have windows; While the open kitchen and dark bathroom mean that the kitchen has windows and the bathroom has no windows

whether a house is comfortable or not depends not on the size of each room, but on whether the proportion and layout of each part of the house are reasonable. Generally speaking, indoor layout needs attention:

after reading these small knowledge of house type drawings, you can rest assured to buy a house and customize furniture for decoration! If you want to know more about home life, please follow the official wechat of meinimei customized home, and more good-looking and interesting ones are waiting for you




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