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As a part of home furnishing, integral solid wood furniture has been widely accepted by the world. From & ldquo; New industry & rdquo; Now it is widely known that the development of solid wood furniture as a whole is also constantly maturing

as a part of home furnishing, integral solid wood furniture has been widely accepted by the world. From the saying of "new industry" to today's household name, the development of integral solid wood furniture is also constantly maturing and growing. At the same time, various brands of solid wood furniture have been born, such as Fuyou, which we are familiar with; East Willie; Dejia impression

nowadays, Chinese people have a stronger and stronger concept of brand, because a good brand will bring good service. However, we cannot be too short-sighted and generalize. Because the whole wood household solid wood door series has some particularity different from other industries

first of all, the solid wood door of the whole wood home is a fully customized product. The whole wood home is designed and produced by the manufacturer according to the needs of customers

secondly, the integral solid wood door is a product with low attention and high importance. An industry that customers will pay attention to and choose only when they have needs

second, in terms of the whole household industry, the whole solid wood carving custom wooden door is still a relatively new industry. It integrates many elements. In a sense, it is more similar to the fashion industry such as fashion. So, At present, the consumer psychology of consumers in a large part of secondary and tertiary cities in China is still "Only buy the right ones, not expensive ones. They prefer to go to some small local workshops to select materials for customization, rather than spend 15% - 20% higher than the usual price to buy brand integrated solid wood doors. Therefore, these brand integrated wood doors need to further sink the market, improve the overall awareness of mass consumers, and constantly strengthen consumers' brand awareness.

when it comes to brand awareness, guanning wood doors will first clarify several concepts

I What is a brand

Philip, a famous marketing scholar? Kotler defines brand as: brand is a name, noun, symbol or design, or a combination of them, whose purpose is to identify a seller's products or services and distinguish them from competitors' products and services

II What is brand awareness

the so-called brand awareness includes many aspects. On the one hand, it comes from the maintenance and construction of merchants' brand image, and on the other hand, it comes from consumers' impression of merchants

from the perspective of businesses: to become bigger and stronger, an enterprise must have its own brand. In this way, whether in product promotion or corporate image, it is a key thing. Second: brand is a force that can bring talents to consume intuitively. From the perspective of consumers, if everyone hears a brand of products every day, when he needs it, his first choice must be the brand he hears every day, just like why refrigerators like Haier and washing powder like tide or carved cards. This is brand strengthening. Accordingly, products have entered the hearts of consumers

III The meaning of brand marketing

brand is not only the symbol of products, but also the comprehensive embodiment of product quality, performance, service, etc. to meet the reliability of consumers' use of products. A good brand should express at least six meanings: attribute, benefit, value, culture, personality and user

as a whole, solid wood furniture enterprises must constantly strengthen the brand awareness of mass consumers if they want to develop in the long term. The overall solid wood furniture enterprises themselves continue to maintain their brand image, strengthen their brand publicity and influence, and make the brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. All links of the whole solid wood furniture industry must operate in accordance with the requirements of the brand, whether it is product quality, corporate culture and team spirit. Many people in the industry often say that the overall solid wood door is an industry with low entry threshold, but some people are very powerful when they first entered the overall solid wood furniture industry, but they did not achieve the expected success. Just because many people did not recognize the particularity of this industry, and also failed to grasp the deep meaning of the overall solid wood furniture brand

the marketing of the overall solid wood brand is a complex and complete system. An influential overall solid wood brand must run through every link of brand creation, brand maintenance, brand development and extension, and brand repositioning. As the whole solid wood door industry, in order to continue to sink the market to the second and third tier cities and really strengthen the brand awareness of middle and low-level consumers, we should do the following

1. Create your own brand system

first, customize a good enterprise name and establish a good corporate image logo. Create an influential corporate brand, which will be accepted and recognized by the public

secondly, build a customer brand with its own style. According to the common needs of consumers, it is a brand formed by providing products and services for user groups with similar or the same values, habits and other characteristics

finally, build an excellent business brand. Provide trustworthy products and high-quality services for special consumers. Now many consumers respond like this, "why do I buy good brand products, that is, spend money to buy a considerate service", because there are too many humanized things in the overall solid wood furniture products, so a good service can better reflect the image of a brand

2. Explore and innovate to meet the requirements of the times

looking ahead, not only the overall solid wood industry, but also the entire furniture industry is pursuing "low-carbon life" and "environmental protection and health". With the proposal of a series of slogans such as "people-oriented, scientific concept of development", although the brand awareness of most consumers in the secondary and tertiary markets is still very weak, the awareness of environmental protection is constantly increasing. Therefore, all solid wood furniture brands should continue to explore and innovate, improve production technology, and create fully customized integral furniture that can truly satisfy consumers. I believe that as the actors of God, "consumers" will also favor the brand's overall wardrobe day by day

brand is a symbol, and brand is a kind of wealth. Without brand, the world will lose many dazzling colors. A good brand represents high-quality service. Especially for the overall furniture industry, which is more and more inseparable from people's lives, a good brand can bring higher user loyalty and user stickiness, and can expand and extend the market to a greater extent. We hope that the whole furniture of these brands can give full play to their brand advantages, completely open the secondary and tertiary markets, and let the brand solid wood furniture enter every household as soon as possible





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