Safety technology for the production and operation

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Safety technology for chemical production and operation

chemical production has the characteristics of flammability, explosion, easy poisoning, high temperature, high pressure, corrosivity, etc., so it has greater danger than other industrial departments to help stepless, automatic, double clutch and other variable speed systems (cvt/at/dct) reduce the weight risk

66.7% of the total work-related deaths were caused by accidents during normal production activities, and the purchase was reduced or suspended. This is because:

(1) there are many side reactions in chemical production, and some mechanisms are not completely clear; Some are produced near the dangerous edge (such as explosion limit). Once the temperature or pressure is not well controlled, it is very easy to cause serious accidents

(2) most chemical materials are flammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive. If due to equipment corrosion, poor material selection and human misoperation, materials may leak, resulting in fire and explosion accidents and casualties

therefore, the following safety issues should be paid attention to in chemical production:

① the process flow of the product must be prepared, and the operation method shall be prepared according to the process procedures and safety management system, and the operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operation method

② change or correction of process indicators must be issued in writing by the process management department. The operator must abide by the process discipline and shall not change the process indicators without authorization

③ operators must strictly implement the provisions of the six stricts for operators issued by the Ministry of chemical industry, and shall not leave their posts without authorization

④ safety accessories and interlocks shall not be removed or eliminated at will, and acoustic and optical alarms and other signals shall not be cut off at will

⑤ during on-site inspection, it is not allowed to step on pipelines, valves, wires, cable racks, various instrument pipelines and other facilities. It is necessary to go to dangerous parts for inspection and be supervised

⑥ strictly enforce safety discipline and prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering operation posts and using production equipment, facilities and tools

⑦ correctly judge and deal with abnormal situations through transformation. In case of emergency, it can be handled first and then reported (including stopping all maintenance operations, notifying irrelevant personnel to leave the site, etc.). When the process or electromechanical equipment is in abnormal state, it is not allowed to carry out shift handover at will

⑧ the post operator must understand the fire risk of the post; Understand fire prevention measures; Know fire fighting knowledge

⑨ be able to use fire-fighting equipment; Wear work clothes and protective equipment

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