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Safety technology of absorption equipment

at present, the main types of absorption towers used in industrial production include plate tower, packing tower, turbulent ball tower, spray tower and spray absorber, etc. only using compressed air to blow away a little residual raw materials

I. absorption tower

the equipment to complete the absorption operation is the absorption tower. The main function of the tower equipment is to provide sufficient contact surface for the gas-liquid two-phase, so that the mass transfer and heat transfer process between the two phases can be carried out fully and effectively, and the gas-liquid two-phase after contact can be separated in time without entrainment. Its good performance will directly affect the product quality, production capacity, absorption rate and consumption quota. Therefore, when selecting the absorber in actual production, it is usually required that the absorber has the characteristics of large production capacity, high efficiency, stable operation, simple structure and so on

(I) packed tower

packed tower is the most widely used tower type in absorption operation. The packed tower is composed of packing, tower internals and tower body. Its structure is shown in Figure 11-13. The tower body is mostly cylindrical, with heads at both ends, and gas-liquid inlet and outlet nozzles. The lower part of the tower is equipped with a supporting grid plate, which is filled with a certain height of filler. The filler can be stacked disorderly or built as a whole. The top of the tower is equipped with a packing pressing plate and a liquid spraying device to ensure that the liquid is sprayed evenly on the cross section of the whole tower. The liquid flows down the packing surface after being dispersed by the distribution device from the tower top. As the liquid in the packing layer tends to flow to the tower wall, when the packing layer is high, it is often divided into several sections. A liquid redistribution device is set between each two sections to re spray the liquid flowing to the tower wall to the center of the section, so as to ensure that the whole packing surface can be well wetted

during the operation of the packed tower, the gas flows from the bottom of the tower to the top through the gap between the packings from bottom to top driven by the pressure difference; The absorbent is sprayed and distributed on the packing layer by the spray device on the top of the tower, and flows down the packing surface by gravity to form a liquid film, which is led out from the bottom of the tower. The gas-liquid two phases are in countercurrent contact with each other in the tower, and the mass transfer of the two phases is usually carried out at the interface between the liquid and the gas on the surface of the packing. The packed tower is a continuous contact gas-liquid mass transfer equipment. The two-phase composition changes continuously along the tower height. Under normal operating conditions, the gas phase is a continuous phase and the liquid phase is a dispersed phase

packed tower has the advantages of large production capacity, high separation efficiency, small resistance, large operating flexibility, simple structure, easy to use corrosion-resistant materials and low cost

(II) turbulent ball tower. Its structure is shown in Figure 11 – "its main components include supporting grid plate, spherical packing, baffle, mist separator, liquid nozzle, etc. during operation, a certain amount of spherical packing is placed on the grid plate, the gas is introduced from the tower bottom, and the liquid is sprayed from the tower top through the nozzle. When the gas velocity reaches a certain value, the small ball is suspended. Nike issued the 2016 (2) 2017 financial year sustainable developer report The three-phase turbulent motion and agitation in any direction of turbulent rotation and mutual collision are formed, so that the surface of the liquid film is constantly renewed, thus strengthening the mass transfer. In addition, because the small balls move irregularly in all directions, the spheres collide with each other and play the role of cleaning themselves

turbulent ball column has the advantages of simple structure, uniform gas-liquid distribution, large operation flexibility and processing capacity, not easy to be blocked by solid and viscous materials, and the tower height can be reduced due to enhanced mass transfer. The disadvantage is that the irregular turbulence of the small ball has a certain degree of backmixing. In addition, the operating temperature is limited because the small ball is usually made of plastic.    

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