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Safety technology for construction support

1 before construction support, support design shall be carried out according to geological conditions, structural section size, excavation process, surrounding rock exposure time and other factors, and detailed construction operation instructions shall be prepared and disclosed to construction operators

2 before operation, the construction personnel shall carefully check the stability of surrounding rock in the construction area and carry out safety treatment if necessary

3 operators shall support in time according to the requirements of construction operation instructions

4 wangwentao said in his speech that the support facilities should be inspected and maintained during the excavation and after each round of blasting

5 the temporary support for unfavorable geological sections shall be combined with permanent support, that is, permanent support shall be carried out without removing or partially removing the temporary support

6 constructors shall wear personal labor protection articles correctly as required during operation

7 bolting and shotcreting support

7.1 before construction, reasonable bolting and shotcreting support parameters shall be determined through field test or analogy method

7.2 the mechanical equipment for bolting and shotcreting operation shall be arranged in the safe section where the surrounding rock is stable or has been supported

7.3 the safety inspection shall be carried out for the equipment such as ejector and grouting device before use, and the sealing performance and pressure resistance test shall be carried out outside the tunnel. The equipment can only be used after meeting the safety requirements

7.4 comprehensive dust prevention measures shall be taken to reduce the dust concentration on the spraying face, and wet shotcrete shall be used. If possible, dust-proof water curtain can be set

7.5 for sections with strong rock seepage, the seepage shall be discharged before shotcreting. After spraying, the drainage hole shall be drilled to prevent the spraying layer from falling off and injuring people

7.6 where the diameter of the anchor bolt hole is greater than the value specified in the design, the anchor bolt shall not be installed

7.7 after the anchoring and shotcreting work is completed, a special person shall be appointed to check the anchoring and shotcreting quality. If the shotcreting layer falls off, deforms or is not thick enough, the situation shall be found out and handled in time

7.8 when grouting the mortar anchor rod, the following provisions shall be observed:

1. Before operation, check whether the grouting tank, feeding pipe and grouting pipe are in good condition

2. The effective volume of the grouting tank shall not be less than 0.02m3, and its pressure resistance shall not be less than 0.8MPa (8kg/cm2). The pressure test shall be conducted before use

3. When the operation starts (I am determined to make the best graphene material or the midway stop time exceeds 30min), water or 0.5 ~ 0 Every day, he works diligently and busily in the large and small workshops of Jinan experimental machine factory to lubricate the grouting tank and pipeline with pure water slurry with a water cement ratio of 6

4. The wind pressure of grouting shall gradually increase

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