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Following Song Yi to stock up, Chumo natural bamboo pulp paper defines fashion and trendy style

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recently, Song Yi, a powerful actor, released a collection of useful items recommendations for fans on the little red book. The new brand Chumo, which integrates high-value and high texture fashion household paper, also appeared in Song Yi's standing household products with a high profile

Song Yi, as a representative of powerful mature actors, is deeply loved by young people. In life, Song Yi's cheerful, generous and confident independent image is consistent with the target audience of Chumo, who has a tough attitude, fashion independence, distinct personality and pursues "taste when two objects contact". At the beginning, led by a strong national fund, yongte formulated this action plan, which has a pulp and paper integrated full-automatic production and processing base

different from the traditional paper products industry, Chumo brand has penetrated "exquisite taste" into every link from the production of products on the second day of the release of the new national standard to the packaging design. The design elements cover the fashionable and simple artistic style, and the high-quality Tiffany blue is used as the main visual color of the products, striving to make the most valuable exquisite paper products in the field of high-end household paper, which is also loved by Song Yi

in addition, Chumo has been deeply cultivated in the field of green bamboo pulp, replacing wood with bamboo and reforestating with wood. Song Yi in this video, in addition to showing the functional features of Chumo paper towel, which is flexible and skin friendly, safe and hygienic, and both dry and wet. Once an environmental ambassador, she also pointed out that the environmental awareness of Chumo brand has been highly recognized by her

at present, no matter the garbage classification that the country is implementing on a large scale, or the green public welfare action, all of them explain that the ecological environment and green environmental protection are the key concerns closely related to our future life

this time, Chumo expanded the communication channels between the brand and the target consumer group by establishing a relationship with stars, so that the brand image is more high-end, refined and fashionable, and provides users with a closed-loop ecosystem of high-quality daily necessities

in the future, Chumo will also accurately convey the brand image to the vast number of consumer groups through more entertainment, integrated media publicity and offline marketing activities, so as to meet the needs of the vast number of audiences for consumption upgrading and the pursuit of a more comfortable, healthier and more environmentally friendly product experience, so as to speed up the pace of brand layout of the household goods market, accelerate the speed of product circulation, expand market share and promote the breakthrough of brand growth, Provide a healthy life experience for families

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