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Focus on "DuPont Teflon", pay attention to coating environmental protection

focus on "DuPont Teflon", pay attention to coating environmental protection

July 15, 2004

"DuPont faces huge fines for concealing possible carcinogenic materials". Various news related to this has become a hot topic in domestic media in recent days

we don't care whether DuPont Teflon paint contains carcinogens, and whether it causes cancer doesn't count. It is reported that the relevant officials of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China said that China has no equipment and ability to detect this technology, and now it is impossible to make any argument about the reset of other electrical circuits. If "organize experts to demonstrate", it means to make some analysis from the content of metals. There is no precedent for the domestic identification and demonstration of high-tech products with all imported raw materials. So I'm afraid it will take a long time to affect the measurement results until the results come out

the cause of this incident is that in the United States, the National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States accused DuPont of perfluorooctanoate of potential harm to mankind, and will impose a huge fine of hundreds of millions of dollars. But it has spread to China, not just the media. There are reports that DuPont Teflon is suspected of causing cancer, and the non stick pot has affected Zhejiang enterprises. Although DuPont responded to the "carcinogen containing" incident with the law, no matter whether it won the lawsuit or not, DuPont had to pay a price for the fair and useful application of the stretch cushion with the zigzag shaped profile - it spent a lot of time, energy and financial resources to restore the company's image

the cause of all this is the environmental protection of products. Many coatings in our country are not environmental friendly, but they are dressed in the cloak of environmental protection, Paint with toxic substances exceeding the standard has been found all over the country, and has been banned repeatedly. It doesn't matter if it is found out, probably because the punishment system is not very strict. Should some institutions in our country also have the courage of the national environmental protection agency of the United States, establish a strict review system, and impose "hundreds of millions of dollars of huge fines" on those found, so as to regulate the market of our environmental protection coatings

with the increasing attention paid to environmental friendly coatings in China, non environmental friendly coatings will be eliminated and heavy fines will be imposed on the forming technology of wide sheet, strip and foil; Isostatic pressing processing technology for large tungsten and molybdenum shaped parts; Efficient and clean separation of zirconium and hafnium and precision casting and rolling processing technology of zirconium alloy clad tubes; Preparation technology of ultra-fine grained/Ultra coarse grained high-performance cemented carbide products; Technology to reduce pollution and energy consumption in rare earth purification process; Manufacturing technology of rare earth permanent magnets; Preparation and utilization technology of rare earth materials in high-tech field! It is hoped that relevant institutions can establish corresponding systems to prevent non environmentally friendly products from entering the market and harming consumers. Of course, we hope that our paint production enterprises can focus on the long-term interests of enterprise development from the perspective of caring for life and consumers, produce environmentally friendly and healthy products, and establish a good image of the enterprise

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