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For industrial automation, ansenmey semiconductor is imperative

for industrial automation, ansenmey semiconductor is imperative

the information of China's construction machinery can give a correction value

industrial automation is the trend that automatic control and automatic adjustment devices are widely used in industrial production to replace manually operated machines and machine systems for processing and production. Industrial automation is one of the important prerequisites for Germany to start industry 4.0, mainly in the fields of mechanical manufacturing and electrical engineering. At present, the embedded system widely used in German and international manufacturing industry is a special computer system designed for specific applications, which completely embeds mechanical or electrical components into the controlled devices. According to the data, the annual market benefit of this embedded system is as high as 20billion euros, and this number will increase to 40billion euros by 2020. These data are enough to show that industrial automation is a very important thing and can quickly promote the development of the times. We also need to know that driven by this environment, the development of ansenmey semiconductor is a kind of help to industrialization from a certain point of view. Ansenmey semiconductor is a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, always committed to promoting energy-efficient innovation and helping customers reduce global energy consumption. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of energy-efficient power management, simulation, sensors, logic, timing, connectivity, discrete, SOC, and custom devices. The company's products can help engineers meet their unique design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer electronics, industry, medical, aerospace and national defense applications. Moreover, Anson semiconductor has a world-class, responsive and reliable supply chain and quality procedures, as well as robust compliance and ethics procedures. It has formed a huge manufacturing base, sales offices and design center network in major markets in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region

the reason why ansenmey semiconductor shows industrial and intelligent electrical errors is that the force value measured by the equipment varies from large to small; The time division application of resistance strain gauge to measure strain provides digital ASIC, mixed signal ASIC, amplifier and comparator, electromagnetic interference (EMI)/radio frequency interference (RFI) filter, interface, clock generation, clock and data distribution, EEPROM memory, standard logic, AC-DC controller and regulator, DC-DC controller, converter and regulator, driver, thermal management, voltage and current management, digital potentiometer, photoelectric Image and touch sensors. It can be said to be an indispensable part of the process of industrial automation

in the process of promoting industrialization, ansenmey semiconductor has brought a full range of XGS family products. XGS is based on the latest 3.2 micron pixel, global exposure CMOS image sensor technology of Anson semiconductor. XGS series products have a total of 11 products with different resolutions for users to choose from, ranging from 2MP to 45mp. Compared with existing products in the current market, excellent image quality, high frame rate, low power consumption and wide working temperature have become the biggest features of XGS series products. The polar ball impact tester is suitable for impact strength testing of plastic, ceramics, acrylic, glass, lens, 5 gold and other products with cost-effective advantages. At the same time, the development and popularization of artificial intelligence (AI) and 5g technology will bring revolutionary changes to the traditional machine vision technology. The chip of ansenmey semiconductor can be connected with the current mainstream AI platform, providing ready-made reference design, which greatly reduces the difficulty of development. As a well-known supplier of image sensors, Anson semiconductor will continue to pursue high-resolution, high-quality, low-cost and other performance on CMOS image sensors

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