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Optimize the metal detection effect for Asian food producers

on August 7, 2012, Salford Mettler Toledo, UK, launched a new ASN 9000 metal detection machine, which uses METTLER TOLEDO profile detection head technology to implement the new national standard. ASN 9000 series combines a variety of adjustable ultra-high frequency technologies to provide the highest level of detection performance, ensuring the best detection results for all types of products, including products with high moisture content and metal film packaging. ASN 9000 complies with the global food safety initiative (GFSI) standards, including the British retailer Association (BRC), international food standards (IFS) and food safety system certification (FSSC) 22000, ensuring that food producers meet or even exceed regulatory requirements, reducing product recall risks, and contributing to product exports

in order to improve the detection sensitivity, ASN 9000 adopts a powerful two-level sensitivity enhancement software algorithm. This advanced system separates the tiny signals generated by metal pollutants from the utilization signals of new materials on the buffer layer generated by the product itself, and amplifies these tiny signals to a detectable level. The enhanced magnification can detect all types of metals, including iron, non-iron and stainless steel in dry or high moisture products. Usually, products with these characteristics will bring product effects, because they have the same impact on the sensitivity of metal detectors as a piece of metal

asn 9000 software has the ability to program products in a few seconds by automatically setting the program at one time. The product memory function can store up to 100 settings, ensuring that users who process multiple products can easily detect the entire product series with only one metal detector. Users can also set ASN 9000 accordingly to focus on detecting a certain metal among all types of metals

Jonathan Richards, sales manager of Mettler Toledo, explained that in an increasingly competitive market, Asian food producers are looking for more flexible production lines so that they can compete with their competitors in the international market. ASN 9000 enables our customers to quickly adapt to market changes without sacrificing product testing accuracy

the full-color touch screen human-machine interface (HMI) menu of the system is easy to operate and has twelve languages, including six Asian languages, reducing the amount of training required to operate the machine

asn 9000 can match METTLER TOLEDO 800 series and 1200 series automatic conveyor systems. These conveyors are made of stainless steel, including two options: flat conveyor belt and modular conveyor belt. The conveyor belt speed is fully adjustable and can be controlled through HMI, simplifying the operation. Without tools, the conveyor belt can be removed for cleaning and adjusted to detect products of different heights

asn profile sealing detection head can reach ip69k high-pressure cleaning protection grade, and can be used in harsh environments. The sanitary design reduces the possibility of ash deposition and allows easy and rapid cleaning. The compact structure of the detection head minimizes the floor area of the ASN 9000 system, which is easy to install and saves the space of the production line

in order to support due diligence and automatically save records, you can use the USB port option on ASN 9000 to download operation data. At the same time, you can use Ethernet to meet the needs of manufacturers to apply detection equipment to more complex factory management and their expensive dynamic data acquisition system. Many automatic removal options are available to ensure that all contaminated products can be removed from the production line, further improving efficiency. ASN 9000 system is applicable to METTLER TOLEDO customized IPAC installation and verification document package to further support compliance with food safety regulations


METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global supplier of metal testing and X-ray testing solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Metal detector, garvens automatic weighing scale and CI vision jointly established Mettler Toledo's product testing department

for more information about ASN 9000 system or metal detection process and technology, if you have needle coke production base, please call or send email to ad@ and contact METTLER TOLEDO metal detection department

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