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Fluke's many new products gathered at Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition

from May 28 to 30, 2018, fluke, the world's leader in electronic testing tools, appeared at the 12th SNEC international solar photovoltaic and smart energy (Shanghai) exhibition in 2018 with many electronic instruments and meters. Among them, the appearance of ti450 SF6 gas leakage thermal imager, fluke T6 non-contact voltage clamp meter, fluke 1535 2500V high voltage insulation tester, fluke 1748 mobile power quality analyzer, dsx-8000 CH and other star products has attracted wide attention of professional audiences on site

fluke booth

ti450 SF6 gas leak detection thermal imager

ti450 SF6 gas leak detection thermal imager can visualize the leakage of sulfur hexafluoride gas and easily locate the leakage point

at the same time, it has 25mk thermal sensitivity, 640*480 measured infrared pixels, lasersharp laser automatic focusing, and the original multisharp multi-point focusing system, with a detection range of up to 1200 ℃, which can almost meet all industrial detection needs

it is a test tool that combines daily infrared thermography detection with sulfur hexafluoride gas leakage detection, making daily detection more comprehensive and convenient

High voltage electrical equipment above 35kV will be filled with insulating sulfur hexafluoride gas. Once leakage occurs, it will first affect the insulation function of the equipment and threaten the safety of on-site personnel. At the same time, the greenhouse effect of this gas is 24000 times that of ordinary carbon dioxide, which is extremely detrimental to environmental protection

the leakage detection means commonly used in substations are as follows: first, the pressure gauge is used for detection, but the leakage point cannot be located; The second is to use sniffing method, which is relatively safe, but can not accurately locate the leakage point; Third, refrigerated instruments are used for detection, but the cost of instruments on the market is high, about one million. Through technological innovation, fluke has made the ti450 SF6 gas leak detection thermal imager able to locate the leak location, while significantly reducing the price, helping users save costs

fluke engineers do product explanations and demonstrations for users on site

fluke T6 contactless voltage clamp meter

clamp meter is a very familiar measurement tool. What innovation can traditional clamp meter have? At the Photovoltaic Exhibition, T6 clamp watch appeared magnificently. This clamp watch equipped with fluke fieldsense patented technology combines the measurement of voltage and current into an open clamp watch. It is understood that fieldsense technology is a major breakthrough in voltage measurement. Traditional technology obtains AC current measurement value by detecting magnetic field, while fieldsense technology measures by detecting electric field. Fluke's innovative technology makes the traditional current clamp meter suitable for voltage measurement at the same time, and the design of open jaw makes a large number of tests no longer laborious, safe and efficient

fluke T6 contactless voltage clamp table

fluke 1748 portable power quality recorder

there are two kinds of recorders commonly used in power detection. One is portable power quality recorder, which focuses on checking the test conclusion on the spot; The other is the power quality recorder, which is fixed on site for long-term recording, and the cost is relatively high

(fluke 1748 mobile power quality recorder)

in this regard, fluke developed and launched fluke 1748 mobile power quality recorder. Combined with the advantages of portable power quality recorder and power quality recorder, it can be arbitrarily installed on the testing site with the same huge utilization potential of graphene in electronic information functional materials, and multiple temporary groups can be carried out. It also has the function of analog input, not only recording power quality parameters, but also recording process parameters, such as speed, temperature, flow and other non electric parameters. The WiFi function of the product can meet the site that cannot be wired. The protection grade reaches IP65

fluke's version 2 beta generation 2 series

fluke's version 2 (beta 2) promotes the copper cable test to ubr+tcl+eltctl+ category 8 line through modular design, and promotes the optical cable test to t2+ef+mp0+ optical fiber end face + clean full coverage scheme according to Hooke's law. It not only supports the national standard gb/yd, but also supports the mainstream standards of Huawei and other manufacturers, effectively solving the problems of line sequence/loss/crosstalk/echo/shielding/interference in the certification installation. Among them, optical cable T2 certification OFP2 can not only solve the problem of high-speed optical fiber loss, but also solve the problem of upgrading labor pains that the loss meets the standard but the packet loss rate is high. The minimum event dead zone is only 0.5m, and the test speed can reach 5S. The machine is equipped with two-way test mean value, intelligent environmental testing (smar3, check the compression fixture and put it into the test piece, check the hydraulic loading system to fall behind the automatic operation state for experiment tloop) and other technologies, Improve the testing efficiency by more than twice. Cfp2 for T1 certification of optical fiber: it supports bidirectional, dual optical fiber and dual wavelength testing. The fastest testing speed reaches 3S. It has its own reference guide (to solve the zeroing dilemma) and EF testing coupling mode required for high-speed optical fiber. It can quickly and accurately test various field problems of optical fiber, and supports all mainstream standards and national standards gb/yd. Fi-7000 can automatically evaluate the end face of optical fiber (pass/fail, according to IEC standard)

figure fluxor version 2 beta generation 2 series

tv40 thermal imaging system

tv40 thermal imaging system has rich software functions, powerful image functions and high-speed communication mode. At the same time, it is designed for the most challenging industrial environment, which can adapt to various harsh environments and meet the needs of process monitoring and control

figure tv40 thermal imaging system

over the years, fluke has created and developed a specific technology market to provide high-quality electronic instruments and meters for testing and detecting faults for various industrial fields, and has promoted the market to an important position until it is cleaned several times

in order to meet the intelligent trend, fluke keeps pace with the times and upgrades products according to user needs. The product application scope is more and more extensive. The infrared thermal imager products extend to the application fields of industrial gas leak detection and industrial imaging. The particle counter, anemometer, illuminometer, temperature and humidity meter and other products expand to environmental measurement and expand the application fields of network detection instruments

fluke will have more offline activities in the second half of 2018. Users are welcome to sign up

for more details, please pay attention to the official website of fluke:

official number: flukecorp

fluke company (fluke)

fluke company, founded in 1948, is a leader in the world's electronic testing tools. Over the years, it has created and developed a specific technology market and provided high-quality measurement and fault detection products for various industrial fields. Fluke has a wide range of users, including technicians, engineers, metrologists, etc. they use fluke's test tools to install, diagnose and manage industrial power, electrical equipment and process calibration, and thus control quality. In the past five years, fluke's testing tools have won many awards, and won more than 50 annual product awards, such as the best testing tool award of "testing and Measurement World" and the engineer selection award of "control engineering", which have been highly praised by users

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