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Used in many projects, such as "rookie express cabinet", this congenital excellent product line in the "Ruixin micro" family of North China industrial control. Learn about

China industrial control industrial control information used in many projects, such as "rookie express cabinet". Learn about this congenital excellent product line in the "Ruixin micro" family of North China industrial control. In different market fields, the demand for face recognition technology is increasing day by day, At the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for product solutions used in job scenarios. As a supplier of embedded computer solutions, North China industrial control has built a high-quality product line covering industrial control motherboard and quasi system based on Ruixin micro rk3399 chipset. One inspection stick should be processed to grasp the pain points of market demand

for the application of embedded hardware technology solutions in application scenarios, the company has built a high-quality product line by integrating supply chain resources. Today, with the continuous iteration of technology and market demand, enterprises need to have a stronger ability to create solutions

chipset, as an important core of embedded computer, has a great impact on the performance of the final product scheme in technology and performance. As a representative of domestic chip enterprises, Ruixin micro has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with North China industrial control. For the demands of face recognition technology solutions emerging in the market, North China industrial control has built a high-quality product line covering industrial control motherboards and subsystems based on Ruixin micro's high-quality rk3399 chipset, which has been successfully applied to projects such as rookie smart cabinets

∥ North China industrial control product scheme

based on the embedded motherboard and embedded quasi system scheme in the product line of Ruixin micro rk3399 chipset, North China industrial control strictly defined its performance and defined the performance of various parameters at the early stage of construction. According to the needs of industry customers, the serial port, display interface and channel interface of the product scheme are configured in line with the latest international standards, and the relevant technical schemes are put forward for the problems that may occur in the process of creating the scheme with centralized functions and compact performance. After a research and development cycle, the product scheme has passed the relevant tests and has been successfully listed

performance configuration:

in terms of performance configuration, Ruixin micro rk3399cpu adopts the Le size core architecture with great seismic effect of TT rubber material, dual core cortex-a72 and quad core cortex-a53, which is mainly aimed at high-end users, interface specification, integration of the new generation of arm high-end image processor GPU, on-board high-speed storage, and strong external instruction processing ability

interface configuration:

in the interface configuration, by matching rich display interfaces, audio interfaces, video interfaces, network interfaces, the application scene has been greatly expanded, which can meet the interface and performance requirements of 3D, VR, face recognition equipment, security, UAV, robot and other fields

face recognition performance platform:

build a stable face recognition technology platform. The stability of product solutions, long-term reliable operation ability, advanced technology and other dimensions show that China's plastic machinery enterprise market will be more developed, which will directly affect the final performance. For the demanding demands, North China industrial control optimizes the construction of chipsets and processors, and endows it with its accumulated experience in building the performance of various industrial level parameters

build a high-quality product line based on market demand and provide the market with an integrated embedded industrial computer solution. This product line based on Ruixin micro rk3399 chipset is equipped with high-quality chipsets and processors to achieve new industrial performance. As an embedded basic computer module, it can be applied to many fields. In the planning, with the introduction of more chipset solutions in artificial intelligence and other fields by Ruixin micro, there will be a number of embedded computer products applied to people in the later stage. We will launch embedded computer products in industrial intelligence related industries based on the experience of upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms

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