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Foton Heavy industry welcomes "foreign students"

Guide: Foton Heavy Industry holds overseas agent service personnel training activities for the first time, such as glass fiber reinforcement, and many enterprises in related industries have entered the extrusion processing of magnetic plastics, conductive materials, new ceramics and other materials. On July 4, more than 20 service personnel from overseas agents of Foton Heavy Industry from 10 countries including Australia, South Africa, Pakistan and Colombia entered the Foton Heavy Industry classroom to receive a week-long training on product after-sales service knowledge and

Foton Heavy Industry held the training activity for overseas agent service personnel for the first time. On July 4, more than 20 employees from Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Colombia and other ten countries in the first half of the year can be divided into two types: pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine. The service personnel of overseas agents of Foton Heavy industry entered the class of Foton Heavy Industry and received a week-long training and examination on product after-sales service knowledge, which comprehensively opened the way for Foton Heavy Industry to comprehensively improve its overseas service level Building an intercontinental service platform is also a useful exploration of domestic machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises in improving global after-sales service capabilities

Foton Heavy Industries' overseas business has expanded rapidly, and its products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions. The export of products represented by Foton oubao Dazhong tractor ranks first in the same industry for two consecutive years. In particular, with the successful large-scale entry of high-tech mass products such as Foton oubao 1254 high-power tractor and Ouli construction machinery into the international market, the overseas market ownership of products continues to increase, The requirements for establishing an international brand image with excellent service are constantly improving

Foton Heavy Industry, which pioneered new service modes such as "home appliance", "family friendly" and "informatization" in the domestic machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, has always been innovative in service measures. After investigation, the company found that most of the so-called product quality problems fed back by overseas markets were caused by agents' lack of understanding of the structural characteristics, use, maintenance and maintenance knowledge of Foton Heavy Industries' products and improper service. In order to create a good international brand image and improve the satisfaction of overseas customers, Foton Heavy Industries overseas service adopts the "two leg" strategy of combining the company's expatriate service personnel with the service resources of overseas dealers. At the same time, in view of the fact that the service ability of overseas dealers is relatively weak, Foton Heavy Industries decided to carry out the service training of overseas agents, and invite the service personnel of overseas agents to the company in batches and targeted to receive special after-sales service training, so as to comprehensively improve the service ability and level of overseas agents

this training is a combination of theoretical explanation and on-site operation. It is mainly aimed at the assembly, commissioning, operation, use and maintenance, disassembly, repair and other contents of Foton Heavy Industry's four series tractors, so that the trainees can systematically and comprehensively master the relevant knowledge of Foton opal series products, have the operating ability of independent service, and issue service qualification certificates to the trainees in the form of examinations

Foton Heavy Industry's initiative received positive response from overseas dealers. Some overseas agents were unable to send people to participate because they were in the peak sales season, and wrote a letter strongly requesting to participate in the next training. It is reported that the company will welcome the second batch of trainees immediately after the first batch of training. The head of the company's training department said that the training of overseas dealers would be included in the institutionalization construction, so as to closely cooperate with the company's accelerating pace of globalization and establish a good international brand image


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