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On June 15, Shantui International Business Park welcomed a group of special visitors, who were finally contacted by Shandong University and Shandong Normal University: Mr. Lin Lin made cars perform better in terms of safety and cost, The jiwedge type stretching attachment adopts an electric automatic clamping mode, which is convenient, reliable, non sliding, and the jaw does not move during the clamping process. More than 100 foreign teachers from South University, people's overseas edition, Shandong Radio and Television International Channel, Qilu Evening News, Shandong, China and more than a dozen media participated in the observation group, and "perceive Shandong" Chinese traditional culture experience walked into Shantui, exploring this global top 50 construction machinery manufacturer China's manufacturing industry has changed the growth path of the top 500 enterprises in which the experimental machine plays an important role in the national economy

in the exhibition hall of impression of Shantui, the only gold medal of bulldozer industry issued by the state in 1990 attracted the attention of the visiting group for a long time. By watching the special videos of "Shantui with the rise of great powers and heavy weapons" and "Shantui integrated construction", the visiting group learned that Shantui has grown together with the Republic, and felt the innovative spirit of Shantui for decades, Realize the transformation process from "Shantui manufacturing" to "Shantui intelligent manufacturing"

then, the overseas students visited China's largest bulldozer production and assembly line and the operation demonstration of Shantui bulldozer. They not only had a deeper understanding of Shantui's product quality and service, but also praised Shantui's spirit of always focusing on technology leadership, product innovation, service upgrading and sustainable development

during the activity, articles that closely felt the cultural charm of Shantui, a "national important tool", competed to be reported in major media, showing Shantui's strong scientific research innovation and production capacity. An overseas student from Myanmar said in an interview, "this is my first time to enter such a large-scale enterprise. I'm very shocked. I like the operation demonstration of bulldozers very much, and I want to buy one."

over the years, Shantui has continued to intensively cultivate in the field of construction machinery. Through continuous technical accumulation and precipitation, its products have achieved good market reputation. While maintaining the pacesetter in the "bulldozer" industry, it has constantly enriched its product line and comprehensively opened the multi line development of road machinery, loaders, concrete equipment and excavators. In the future, Shantui will pay more attention to the personalized needs of customers, launch new "models" and "versions" for market segments, pay more attention to post market services, and comprehensively build an international first-class brand of construction machinery

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