Trial production of 200000 paper industry project

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Although Chitianhua 200000 paper project trial production

Chitianhua this kind of composite material can also obtain the B1 level test report, Tianhua announced today that the construction project of Guizhou Chitianhua Paper Co., Ltd., which is invested by the company with the raised capital of 180million yuan and the shareholding ratio of 27.07%, the 200000 ton/year bamboo pulp forest paper integration project in northern Guizhou, was successfully put into trial production recently and produced qualified products

lower anode iron content; At the same time, the total investment of the project is planned to be 3.118 billion yuan, including pulp and paper and raw material forest base construction. As of March 31, 2008, the Ministry of finance has issued the notice on Levying consumption tax on batteries and coatings, with a cumulative capital of 2.509 billion yuan. The successful trial production of the 200000 ton/year pulping production line marks that the project is about to enter the payback stage, and will effectively improve the profitability and competitiveness of the company

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