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Former Microsoft executive Kevin Dallas takes office as CEO of Fenghe

Fenghe, a leading intelligent edge software provider? Recently, it was announced that the appointment of Kevin Dallas as as CEO and a member of the board of directors will take effect immediately Dallas will replace Jim Douglas when he resigns as president and CEO. During the handover, Douglas served as both Fenghe company and TPG capital advisor

as a leading provider of intelligent edge software, Fenghe company's products involve aerospace, national defense, industry, medical treatment, automobile, telecommunications and other industries, and have reached the highest level in functional security, information security, performance and reliability

dallas said: Fenghe has injected advanced technology into billions of cutting-edge equipment and systems, bringing revolutionary progress to many industries. I am very honored to lead Fenghe company to transform into an intelligent system platform enterprise. The future growth opportunities of Fenghe are huge. My job is to accelerate product innovation and help customers realize digital transformation in a data-driven and AI priority world. I look forward to working with the talented team, the board of directors and TPG capital to accelerate the growth of the company

Dallas has more than 25 years of experience in promoting digital innovation and growth in technology companies. He previously served as vice president of cloud and AI business development at Microsoft. It has made great achievements in business growth, advanced intelligent cloud and edge product innovation, as well as helping customers realize digital transformation. Before joining Microsoft in 1996, he worked for NVIDIA and national semiconductor (now Texas Instruments) in the United States, Europe and Israel

Moshe gavrielov, executive chairman of the board of directors of Fenghe company, said: Thank Jim for his efforts in the past ten years. He has done important work from Fenghe transition period to future development positioning. Under his leadership, Fenghe company has made great achievements. Looking forward to the future, Kevin will definitely perfect his administrative leadership experience and digital transformation expertise. We are committed to establishing close ties with customers and leading Fenghe to a new chapter. We are glad to welcome him to join us

Nehal Raj, partner of TPG capital, said: Jim has always been the core decision-maker of Fenghe company. We congratulate him on completing a long and successful term of office. Now Kevin takes over this position at a time when Fenghe has a strong momentum of development. Fenghe recently acquired star lab -- this company has made important achievements in embedded security, 5g edge computing and other fields. Although the composite board and core materials have been tested at the same time to reach the fire-resistant B1 level Kevin's vision and strategic insight will be unlimited. We will work together to achieve the company's mission, provide customers with innovative software solutions, and inject momentum into today's modern infrastructure

in 2018, TPG capital acquired Fenghe company, making it an independent entity. Since then, the company has taken important measures to strengthen and consolidate its market leading position, including expanding its customer base, strengthening and expanding its product portfolio, and investing in strategic growth plans

Douglas said: in the past ten years, it has been my honor to help lead Fenghe company. I am proud of the achievements the company has made, especially in the past two years after becoming an independent enterprise. Fenghe has a promising future, and I will help it and TPG capital continue to succeed in the future

about Fenghe

Fenghe company is a leading edge software provider in the world. Since its establishment in 1981, the technology of Fenghe company has been providing the soul power for the equipment with the highest functional security and information security in the world, and its software products have been running in more than 2billion products. Fenghe provides a complete product lineup, equipped with professional services and support covering the world, and has built a wide range of partner ecosystems in the industry to maintain the lubrication system of the rack. Fenghe's software and professional skills are accelerating the digital transformation of key infrastructure systems, which require the highest level of functional security, information security, performance and reliability. For more details, please visit Fenghe station

about TPG

TPG is a leading alternative asset management company in the world. It was founded in 1992 and manages assets of more than 119 billion US dollars. It has offices in Austin, Beijing, Boston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, Seoul and Singapore TPG's investment platform covers a wide range of asset classes, including private equity, growth equity, real estate, credit and public equity TPG's goal is to create dynamic products and choices for investors, while establishing discipline and excellent operations in investment strategy and portfolio performance. For more information, please visit 2. The buffer oil should be kept clean M

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