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On June 12, 2010, hosted by Nanjing Municipal People's government and jointly undertaken by Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Jiangsu Software Park Development and Construction Co., Ltd., Nanjing Zhongchuang Technology Investment Co., Ltd. and CCID Consulting Co., Ltd., China's intelligent power software industry 2 The scope of impact strength experiment is different: the industry (Nanjing) development forum was grandly held in Jishan base, Jiangsu Software Park, Jiangning District, Nanjing. With the theme of focusing on the opportunities of smart electricity industry and developing emerging markets for software research and development, this forum released the achievements of Jishan smart electricity software and held the Establishment Ceremony of the strategic alliance for the development of smart electricity software base industry. This forum brought together leaders from the Ministry of industry and information technology, Nanjing municipal government, Jiangning District government, experts from China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, the national electric power academy of Sciences, the Energy Research Institute of the State Power Corporation, CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. and many manufacturer representatives. They focused on topics such as the development of smart electricity industry and regional strategic layout, the development of smart electricity and information technology industry, In depth discussion on the new opportunities and new markets brought by the construction of smart electricity in China for the software industry

in May, 2009, State Grid Corporation of China put forward the idea of building a unified and strong smart electricity, officially opening the prelude to the development of smart electricity in China. This is the meeting point for the national power company to realize the integration of industry and informatization, and it is also an integration of China's information revolution and new energy revolution at this stage. This integration will drive the research and development of new technologies in the field of electricity, the manufacture of new products, the formulation of new standards, and a series of new investment and financing opportunities. Build a strong smart electricity, in line with national 3 The amount of fuel in the fuel tank is lack of domestic energy security needs, which meets the needs of greenhouse gas emission reduction, can drive technological progress, increase employment opportunities, and also conforms to the trend of integration of informatization and industrialization

Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone is the first national power automation industry base in China. Relying on this platform, the development zone has gathered more than 60 enterprises represented by Nari Jibao and Guodian Nanzi before introducing the packaging certified by the [Forest Management Commission]. Its market share and technical level remain leading in the same industry in the country, and the industrial agglomeration effect has begun to release. As an important carrier of the software industry in Jiangning Development Zone, Jiangsu Software Park Jishan base will gradually become an important platform for China's smart electricity software industry through reasonable industrial layout with the help of the above unique geographical advantages

experts from China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation believe that smart electricity meets the needs of future energy system reform and can provide cleaner, efficient and safe electricity. At the same time, smart electricity is the product of the full integration of electricity, information and communication technology. The construction of smart electricity will drive the convenient technological progress of intelligent instruments and meters, network communication, computing technology, smart appliances, smart buildings and so on

this forum integrates the resources of relevant government departments, industry and academia, deeply analyzes the development trend of China's smart electricity software industry, interprets the policies and measures of relevant departments for the development of smart electricity industry, and provides a platform for the government, enterprises and parks to exchange ideas and explore industrial development opportunities according to the requirements of customers, It has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's intelligent electricity industry

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