Production technology of mud pump body of as cast

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Production technology of as cast bainite ductile iron slurry pump body

bainite ductile iron is a new material developed in recent years. Because this material has high wear resistance, strength and toughness and corrosion resistance, it is widely used as wear-resistant material, especially under wet grinding conditions, showing greater advantages than ordinary wear-resistant steel and high chromium cast iron. As cast bainitic ductile iron forms bainitic structure directly after solidification by adding appropriate alloy elements. The advantage of this process is that the quenching heat treatment is cancelled, which is especially suitable for the production of castings with complex shapes that are not suitable for heat treatment, such as mud pump casings

this research group has been engaged in the research of bainitic ductile iron for a long time, and the surface structure and hand feel developed have also achieved the promotion and use of as cast, heat treated, metal mold and sand mold cast bainitic ductile iron grinding balls and bainitic ductile iron roller rings in production practice, with good results. Especially in the current national "Ninth Five Year Plan" project "vanadium bearing bainite ductile iron ring stiffness testing machine is widely used in thermoplastic pipes with annular cross-section and FRP ring stiffness measurement materials", the amount of bainite ductile iron grinding ball alloy is greatly reduced, the heat treatment process is simplified, the cost is significantly reduced, and it has stronger competitiveness in the market

first, chemical composition (%) "Ernst Siebert explained

c:2.9~3.7, si:1.5~2.4, mn:0.3~0.9, p0.04

Second, the main mechanical properties

can be designed according to the use requirements

for castings that are mainly wear-resistant, their properties are: impact toughness>12j/cm2, hardness hrc>50, tensile strength>400mpa

for castings dominated by strength and toughness, their properties are: tensile strength>700mpa, impact toughness>20j/cm2

III. main production equipment and equipment investment

based on the annual output of 2000 tons of as cast bainite ductile iron, the main equipment and equipment investment required are as follows:

v. unit cost and selling price

the main raw materials of bainite ductile iron are: pig iron, scrap steel, ferrosilicon alloy, rare earth magnesium alloy, nickel plate and a small amount of other alloy materials. The process yield is about 80%. Is it safe to rest assured in after-sales. The production cost of raw and auxiliary materials per ton of bainite ductile iron is about 5200 yuan/ton, and others (including water and electricity consumption, equipment depreciation, employee wages and benefits, enterprise management fees, etc.) are about 900 yuan/ton. The total sales cost is about 6400 yuan/ton, and the reference price is 7500 yuan/ton

VI. economic benefit analysis

according to the above equipment conditions, it can achieve an annual output of 2000 tons, an annual output value of 15 million yuan, and an annual profit and tax of about 2.8 million yuan

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