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Analysis of error reporting information in the process of pspnt dispatch and scheduling part VII

(VII) this project is a part of the China standard high-speed motor car and key equipment research and Development Experimental engineering construction project of high-speed rail (approved by the national development and Reform Commission). Error information: Rip interpretation PS document times "syntax interpretation error invalidfont_pserror" Treatment: this error is the main type of hydraulic universal testing machine for gold assay. The recycled plastic granulator of the treatment machine will have a large customer group. It is related to fonts, and rip cannot correctly recognize the font information in PS files

1. Select "ignore missing words" in the parameter template and reinterpret the file to see whether Rip can generate a lattice and will report the information of the missing font or character. If rip reports the error information of the missing font or character, it is necessary to check whether rip contains this font and whether it is correctly installed in the demonstration experiment. If rip does not have this font, you need to modify the file in the front-end typesetting software

2. If "ignore missing words" is selected in the parameter template, rip still reports "syntax interpretation error invalidfont_pserror" when interpreting PS files, there are two possibilities. One is that the PS file uses fonts that rip cannot recognize, which requires checking the layout font usage and layout settings in the typesetting software; Another possibility is that there is a problem with Rip program and font, and the software needs to be reinstalled

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