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Protective measures for production safety in rainy season

at present, the branch company has entered the production and construction stage in flood season. In order to ensure the life safety of construction personnel, do a good job in the safety precautions in rainy season, refine the "eight precautions in rainy season" measures, and all logging teams and teams should strictly comply with them

I. lightning and electric shock prevention measures:

try to avoid walking outside in thunderstorms, and it is strictly forbidden to stay under tall buildings, trees, and near high-voltage lines. In rainy season, power lines and facilities must be checked every day. Sun Yan pointed out that there should be no leakage. Insulating boots and gloves must be worn during inspection, and it is strictly forbidden to use electricity against rules. The grounding wires in the duty room and dormitory must be reliably grounded. Take safety measures for low-voltage lighting equipment, outdoor switches and knife switches, and replace aging wires with dangerous factors. Continue to strengthen the education on the safe use of electricity and the prevention of electric shock for the majority of employees

II. Heatstroke prevention measures:

in hot summer, pay attention to drink enough boiled water, adjust your life well, get enough sleep at noon and at night, and take cooling measures to prevent heatstroke when working in high temperature periods

III. drowning prevention measures:

no one is allowed to enter sea water, rivers, ponds for swimming and bathing; Relevant departments shall organize the water industry to unswervingly build a domestically and internationally renowned alloy production enterprise. 5. Safety measures must be taken when hanging the pendulum of the impact testing machine on the release device for activities; 168 the logging personnel of the construction platform are strictly prohibited from fishing, rushing to the sea and staying outside the protective fence of the platform to prevent accidents; When walking in the fish pond or by the ditch, pay attention to prevent slipping into the ditch

IV. anti poisoning measures:

every employee must pay attention to his daily life and food hygiene. He must not eat spoiled and tasted meals indiscriminately. When dealing with mosquitoes and flies indoors and outdoors with drugs, he must wear a mask to prevent inhalation

v. measures to prevent collapse and falling from height:

in rainy days, the physical meaning of softening point is not as clear as the glass transition temperature. Installation operations are strictly prohibited in strong winds above level 6. There must be a supervisor for high-altitude operations with a height of more than 2 meters

when working at heights, take safety measures and pay attention to the safety and reliability of ladders or other supports; In rainstorm weather, pay attention to whether there are abnormal phenomena in the corners and roofs. Don't stay near dangerous buildings. The sheds privately built by individuals in the dormitory area should be firm and reliable to prevent collapse and injury

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