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Southeast machinery asphalt mixture mixing equipment sold to New Zealand

southeast machinery asphalt mixture mixing equipment sold to New Zealand

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recently, the ylb40 asphalt mixture mixing equipment produced by Quanzhou southeast Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully passed the acceptance of foreign customers and was sent to New Zealand. This is the first order of southeast machinery exported to countries in the southern hemisphere in recent years, and it will also refresh the share of southeast machinery in the international market

before purchasing, New Zealand customers have already contacted many asphalt mixture mixing equipment production suppliers in China. After nearly half a year of investigation in terms of product performance, after-sales service and enterprise qualification, they finally chose southeast machinery as a partner. During the preliminary negotiation with our foreign trade sales department, our technical director accompanied us throughout the whole process, and provided perfect product and spare parts solutions on the adaptability of products and possible problems in the use process according to the information provided by customers and the market situation in New Zealand; After the Shanghai BMW exhibition, the purchasing representative of the New Zealand company came to our factory for a field visit. He said to the products of southeast machinery, what is the price of the Italian intelligent electronic tensile testing machine with high insulation material? Yidu appreciated it from the aspects of product quality, production details, trial operation, painting process, etc

it is worth mentioning that southeast machinery is also tailor-made for the company, designing beautiful and atmospheric logo and bright red appearance coating, which is rare in the past equipment in Southeast. In view of the difficulties encountered by customers in logistics operation, Southeast machinery uses the freight forwarding platform that has been cooperating for many years to strive for the most economical, fast and safe logistics solution for customers. At the same time, it also provides detailed suggestions on New Zealand import policy, taxation and customs clearance

with high-quality products and sincere service, New Zealand customers quickly reached an agreement with Southeast machinery, and completed a series of processes of signing, acceptance and payment in the shortest time. From the first contact with our company, Southeast machinery signed a contract with the New Zealand customer to the end of delivery, it took only one month, and it was smoothly shipped out to New Zealand. After this successful cooperation, the customer expressed his willingness for long-term cooperation to Southeast machinery

at present, the ylb40 asphalt mixture mixing plant sent to New Zealand has been shipped out of the shore, and the after-sales service personnel will go to New Zealand for installation and commissioning as agreed

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