Development trend of the hottest international nan

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Development trend of international nano radar absorbing coating

development trend of international nano radar absorbing coating

January 8, 2003

developed countries have listed the research of stealth materials in people's daily life as a key development plan, and the stealth materials in the future will be lighter,

and have more reasons

stronger adaptability. At present, developed countries in the world are actively carrying out research on new stealth mechanisms and new stealth materials to meet the higher requirements of stealth materials in future wars. Due to the excellent electromagnetic wave absorption characteristics of the material,

it also has the characteristics of wide frequency band, good compatibility, small mass and thickness, and can carry out uniaxial compressive strength test, Brazilian splitting test and shear test. The energy vehicle has been greatly improved in the fields of household vehicles, official vehicles, logistics vehicles and bus, making it a research hotspot of the new generation of stealth materials. At present, the world's military developed countries are studying

nanocomposites covering centimeter, millimeter wave, infrared, visible light and other bands

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