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Development trend of jet dyeing machine

the main feature of jet dyeing machine is that it is suitable for small batch and multi variety production. For the current ever-changing market, this flexible dyeing machine will undoubtedly play an important role, This paper briefly introduces the differences between jet dyeing machines and other dyeing machines and their development trends:

differences between jet dyeing machines and other dyeing machines

rope dyeing check whether the friction moving parts should be filled with lubricating oil. In the machine, the fabric flows in the dye solution in the form of mechanical push, while in the jet dyeing machine, the fabric flows partially or completely driven by the dye solution, This jet dyeing machine, which is all driven by dye liquor, is particularly suitable for dyeing polyester fabrics, while the jet dyeing machine, which is driven by some dye liquor, flows in the fabric. The overflow dyeing machine uses the drive reel to make the fabric work in the dyeing machine with the help of the drive reel to reduce the accelerated flow of dye solution and achieve the purpose of dyeing. On the contrary, the jet dyeing machine uses the strong impact of dye solution on the fabric to make the fabric deform and flow, making the treated fabric softer and dyeing more uniform. Therefore, Jet dyeing machine is also known as "soft effect" dyeing machine or "soft effect" dyeing machine

new development trend of jet dyeing machine

the use of low bath ratio and air injection system is a development direction of jet dyeing machine. Generally, the bath ratio of conventional jet dyeing machine is 1:: 10, while the bath ratio of dyeing machine with pneumatic injection system can reach 1:3. The role of air flow in the dyeing machine is to blow the dye solution into the nozzle in the form of steam air flow mixing, so that the volume of dye solution required can be greatly reduced, And the air flow can also blow open the rope fabric to achieve the best dyeing effect

improving the running speed of the equipment is another development direction of the jet dyeing machine. The chemical fiber fabrics with more advanced modern 3 experimental instruments use micro fibers as raw materials. Therefore, the production speed of the machine must be increased to deal with more and more light and thin fabrics. Now the running speed of the jet dyeing machine can reach 600 meters/minute, so within minutes, It has become a development goal that dyed rope fabrics can be recycled once in the equipment. In addition, the number of dyeable rope fabrics with a separate rope stacker can be increased in the dyeing machine, which can also improve the running speed

improving the automation of the equipment is also the development direction of jet dyeing machine. This automatic control includes the control of dyeing parameters (temperature, heating rate, etc.), automatic batching, control of special cleaning process, etc. The purpose of adding automatic control is to make the treated fabric achieve the best effect, that is, to properly adjust the flow speed of fabric, the speed of rotating shaft and the flow rate of dye liquor, The reasonable adjustment of the flow speed of the fabric and the dyeing process will help to reduce the number of water cleaning. In this way, it is also a comprehensive evaluation criterion and industry standard method to establish and improve the plastic granulator equipment to keep the fabric soft

Some of the latest models of jet dyeing machines include a program control board with 150 programs. The whole dyeing process can be carried out automatically through the operation of the program from large to small. Of course, the selection of the program will depend on the quality of the dyed fabric, the dyeing depth and the characteristics of the dye

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