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Nanfang power Zeng Yonggang: Nanfang power structural characteristics and operation requirements for new technology and equipment for transmission and distribution

special planning project for artificial intelligence technology and application of Nanfang power company (Bidding Project No.). After the evaluation of the bid evaluation committee, the bid winning candidates are now publicized as follows: publicity start time: February 2019

the special planning project for IOT technology and application development of Southern Power Company (Bidding Project No.). After the evaluation of the bid evaluation committee, the bid winning candidates are now publicized as follows: publicity start time: February 2019

at the first meeting of the 79th working group of the DC system and Power Electronics Technical Committee (B4) of the international organization for large power and Telecommunications (CIGRE), 15 experts from six countries, including Britain, France and Germany, spoke highly of South Africa

recently, the selection results of the 20th China Patent Award announced that the invention patent "control method of dynamic reactive power compensation device suitable for multi DC feed in" (zl.5) owned by South scientific research institute won the Patent Award

conscientiously implement the central decision-making and deployment, comprehensively reduce the general industrial and commercial electricity price by 10% over the previous year, and reduce the power consumption cost of users by 1.48 billion yuan; Achieve the goal of 2 KVA per household distribution and transformation capacity in rural areas two years in advance, and help Guizhou take off

on the 28th, the 500 kV Qishan power transmission and transformation project, which was listed as the key project of promoting important infrastructure in Guangdong Province and Jieyang City in the three years after the "12th Five Year Plan" and the key project of the city's "100 days and 100 actions", was put into operation, further meeting the demand of Jiedong district for

smart electricity is the key to building a safe, efficient and clean modern energy security system and promoting the energy revolution. Pushing and pulling the workbench back and forth several times by hand is helpful to improve the ability of electricity to accept and optimize the allocation of a variety of energy, and realize the comprehensive allocation of energy production and consumption

from serving the national economy and the people's livelihood to leading energy reform, as an important foundation and guarantee for modern economic development and social progress, China's power construction has made remarkable achievements in 2018. Standing at a new starting point, "building the world...

recently, China Southern Power Company announced the list of qualified suppliers of Guangxi electric power transmission line distributed traveling wave fault monitoring device in 2018, involving 18 qualified suppliers. The specific list is as follows: about publishing the automatic statistical experiment data of the bidding item system of Guangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd..

the fifth batch of main and primary equipment in 2018 of China Southern Power Company (bidding number:), After the evaluation of the bid evaluation committee, the bid winning candidates are now publicized as follows:

from January 22 to 23, China Southern Power Company held the second meeting of the third workers' Congress and the 2019 working meeting. p>

the Ministry of Southern Power Industry issued the notice on clarifying matters related to the development of the company's integrated energy services (Ye [2019] No. 2), This document clearly states that "Further clarify the development priorities and business interfaces of integrated energy services...

according to the arrangement of supplier prequalification of China Southern Power Corporation, the prequalification of China Southern Power Corporation in 2019 is now carried out. According to the qualification examination methods of subsequent relevant bidding projects, the prequalification results can be used as participation in bidding...

also meet the performance requirements of scratch resistance, stickiness, stress whitening and shrinkage rate

from January 14 to 15, the State Council p>

on January 10, as one of the joint contractors, Nanfang power Guangdong electric energy technology company officially launched the preliminary work of the 20 megawatt hour battery energy storage system project of the state power investment Zhuhai Hengqin Thermal Power Co., Ltd. The project is expected to

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