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The "South-to-North Water Transfer Project" adds a new force, XCMG's "V" series is related to people's livelihood, and XCMG's "V" series is related to people's livelihood, and XCMG's "V" series is related to people's livelihood. China Construction machinery information

XCMG's loaders are delivered in batches

recently, more than 10 "V" series loaders were delivered in batches to an environmental protection technology company in Central China, all for the construction of the canal head section of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project. It is reported that this is the third batch delivery of XCMG loaders for the construction of the project

South to North Water Diversion Project


in 1952, Comrade Mao Zedong first put forward the grand idea of" south to North Water Diversion "when inspecting the Yellow River. 61 cement sawdust board, after half a century of research and demonstration, was officially started on December 27, 2002, marking that this major livelihood project benefiting 438million people in China has finally moved from theory to implementation


keep up with the market and compete for bids

at the end of 2017, an environmental protection technology company in Zhongyuan released the batch bidding information of loaders. XCMG loaders responded positively and quickly collected customer information and working condition data. After learning that this batch of equipment will be used for the maintenance of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, XCMG loaders introduced in detail from the technical advantages and previous cases, and put forward complete solutions according to customer needs, Compete with many competitors and win the first bid

XCMG lw300kv

the Department of people's livelihood, XCMG has been responsible for the construction of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project for many times, which reflects that XCMG loaders adhere to the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", with the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection, the early design concept of annual production capacity of 100000 square meters, efficient and reliable operation performance, and play an important role as the main force in the construction of large-scale national people's livelihood projects

construction of Leye Baise Expressway Tunnel

delivery of XCMG equipment for Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao sea crossing bridge

delivery of Henan sewage treatment project

assistance in the construction of Shanxi landscaping project

not only that, in recent years, XCMG loaders have continuously participated in the construction of national large-scale engineering projects, from the construction of Leye Baise expressway tunnel to the construction of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao World's largest sea crossing bridge, from Henan sewage treatment project to Shanxi landscaping project, It is not only XCMG's sense of nationality to bravely shoulder the burden of livelihood projects, but also the true presentation of the core values of "shoulder great responsibilities, walk on the road, and become great"

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