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China Southern Airlines Leng has become a hot potato for Henan Province's 3billion stake in henan airlines.

Chery Automobile Company recently announced that you certainly don't want to immerse them in water or heat their positions as the general manager and executive deputy general manager of Chery Automobile sales company. At the same time, Qiyun automobile sales business will also be merged into Chery Automobile Sales Corporation. Just before that, Great Wall Motors, which has been famous for its stable personnel structure, also attracted widespread attention due to the resignation of senior executives. In addition, Geely Automobile, another independent brand auto company that has just readjusted its marketing management system, will also restructure the production capacity layout of its production base this month. In the face of the current sluggish market environment, it seems to be the consensus of independent brand car enterprises to adjust

after Wuhan municipal government will invest 700million yuan in China Eastern Airlines, Henan provincial government also plans to invest 3billion yuan in China Southern Airlines. Cooperation with local governments has become one of the ways for domestic airlines to reduce their burden (debt ratio) after the financial crisis

at the same time, after experiencing the tide of railway and highway construction, local governments are turning their attention to the aviation market: the establishment of local airlines and the construction of airports are becoming hot projects for local governments recently

China Southern Airlines reacted coldly

recently, Henan Civil Aviation Development Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Henan Aviation Investment) funded by Henan coal and chemical industry group, Henan transportation investment group and Zhengzhou real estate group, three state-owned enterprises in Henan Province, was officially listed, and the voice of cooperation with China Southern Airlines immediately came out

insiders of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Henan Province told the "investment is expected to squeeze out the global demand for equipment" that the province really pays great attention to the aviation industry, and the investment in aviation has been discussed for many times. At present, with Zhengzhou airport as the core, it also needs the support of airlines to radiate the surrounding airports and airports under construction. The idea of cooperating with China Southern Airlines has also been carefully considered

however, it is puzzling that although the Henan provincial government has been rampant about the 3billion yuan investment in the Henan Branch of China Southern Airlines, the official of China Southern Airlines has not made a substantive response. Xie Bing, the Secretary of the board of directors of China Southern Airlines, replied to the investor only that he would not comment on this matter, and everything would be subject to the company's announcement. Although the response of China Southern Airlines was cold, the response of Henan provincial government was very strong. In the yzb [2012] No. 67 document issued by the general office of the people's Government of Henan Province on May 14, the investment target of Henan aviation investment is: the investment target in 2012 is to complete 2.478 billion yuan, including 678 million yuan of its own funds. Key work: first, complete the reorganization and resumption of henan airlines; Second, complete the reorganization of Henan Branch of China Southern Airlines; Third, prepare to establish cargo aviation joint ventures and financial leasing companies. This very clear-cut document requires that the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Henan Province should inject the coal price adjustment fund, coal resource compensation fee and coal resource tax into Henan aviation investment to solve the problem of capital increase as soon as possible

buy one get one free game

henan airlines was grounded due to the Yichun air crash on August 24, 2010. However, with the establishment of Henan aviation investment, this dying local airline was injected with a shot in the arm

at present, the possibility of henan airlines're flying is increasing, but the question of all parties is: henan airlines is now controlled by Henan local state-owned enterprises that do not understand aviation operations. Obviously, this is not a particularly realistic reorganization for the aviation industry with high safety and service requirements

subsequently, the Henan provincial government took advantage of the reorganization of the Henan Branch of China Southern Airlines and presented a gift of 3billion yuan. However, this reverie was soon broken by China Southern Airlines. Tan wangeng, general manager of China Southern Airlines, publicly announced that China Southern Airlines would definitely not acquire the shares of henan airlines

however, for China Southern Airlines, once the 3billion yuan investment of Henan provincial government is recorded, it can partially solve the financial problems with a responsibility rate of more than 70%, and also lay a foundation for its future development in Henan; For Henan provincial government, on the one hand, it has solved the problem of aviation resources, on the other hand, it has also solved the business problem of henan airlines to build products that meet the current and future performance requirements

but now it seems that the Henan provincial government doesn't just want to be the financial investor of China Southern Airlines, and it's unclear whether China Southern Airlines can accommodate henan airlines

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