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Nanfang power Guizhou Liupanshui Power Supply Bureau: 190 heavy overload transformers in a push mill rotation let the people celebrate the new year

killing new year pigs, eating blister soup, and happily buying new year goods. After entering the December moon, the small mountain village of Yi nationality, Daqing, is getting stronger and stronger

"the transformer replacement of Daqing group has been completed, please arrange to resume power transmission." On January 14, in Daqing Village, Dawan Town, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui City, after the staff of Dawan power supply station of Guizhou Liupanshui Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau completed the replacement of heavy overload transformers, zoujianli, director of Dawan power supply station, immediately reported to the dispatcher

"after the new year, I want to set up a small factory at home for processing. If the transformer is replaced, I don't have to worry." Hearing that the transformer with larger capacity was replaced, the villager chenbaoshu felt that his plan was more reliable

in recent years, with the development of the local economy, the power load of Daqing Village is also growing rapidly. In order to further meet the power demand of the local people, in December 2018, Liupanshui Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau checked the power load of Daqing Village, and decided to replace the transformer of the village from 100 KVA to 200 KVA according to the power load of the village

"we completed the modeling and arrangement of heavy overload transformers in December last year, and plan to complete the grinding and rotation of heavy overload transformers within the 20th of this month to ensure that the people have a bright and warm year." According to Wang Ying, director of the Biotechnology Department of Liupanshui Power Supply Bureau, in order to ensure the warm spring festival for the people of Liupanshui City, Liupanshui Power Supply Bureau compared and equipped with a special calibrated thermometer insertion device to display the respective advantages and characteristics of multicomponent composite materials. During the 2018 Spring Festival, the highest load was predicted in combination with the natural load growth rate in recent years, and 190 overloaded transformers in four counties (districts) were "replaced with large ones", Carry out the 'push and grind' rotation of distribution and transformation with the method of "medium to small". At the same time, all distribution lines, equipment and facilities shall be specially inspected, so that the operation speed can be guaranteed to be stable and sufficient conditioning ratio can be obtained. The cable joints shall be measured, and the aging of lines, tree barriers and other defects shall be handled in time

"in order to ensure the normal production of our workshop, the staff of the power supply bureau will arrange people every week to understand our power consumption and help us solve our power consumption difficulties." In terms of ensuring the normal production of domestic enterprises, Liupanshui Power Supply Bureau has increased its efforts to visit and serve customers, and has made regular visits and services to enterprise users. The meticulous and considerate power supply service of Liupanshui Power Supply Bureau has also been praised by Yang Dai, director of electrical instruments of Tongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yang Bin, Shaojing, Zhang Liang)

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