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Big southeast Group invested in the introduction of new insulation material production line

a few days ago, the signing ceremony of the project of big southeast Vientiane Technology Co., Ltd. introducing new insulation material production equipment from Bruckner company in Germany was held in big southeast group. In this project, the greater southeast Group invested US $28.8 million to introduce two new insulation material production lines to Bruckner company in Germany. After being put into operation, it will form a production scale with an annual output of 18000 tons of functional electrofusion film and agricultural film, which can increase the sales revenue by 450 million yuan and generate profits by 130 million yuan every year. This is another important measure of big southeast group in terms of technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and it is also a solid step forward to the forefront of the national plastic packaging industry. Municipal leaders Zhang Zhongcan, Yang Sheng, Huang Canrong, Yu Yangfang, Guo Haoliang, Zhang Weiguang and others attended the signing ceremony

big southeast group is the leading industrial enterprise in our city, the top 26 enterprises cultivated and developed by Zhejiang Province, and also the top 500 enterprises in the national manufacturing industry. In recent years, the enterprise has continued to increase investment in technological transformation, and has become a leading enterprise in China's plastic packaging industry with an annual sales revenue of more than 4billion yuan. If the decomposition temperature is too much higher than the polymer, the profit and tax exceed 300million yuan. The equipment imported from Germany Bruckner company this time is specialized in the production of high-strength insulating materials for electric fuses. It is understood that at present, there are dozens of electric fuse manufacturers that apply insulation in the whole province, sometimes inlay special steel at the jaw, or spray steel sand and other materials on the surface of the jaw. Because China's electric fuse insulation materials are affected by the Chinese market controlled by companies such as German gaobako, Cang Sifu and Japan Dongli with high-tech products of about 5 microns, the price per ton is as high as US $5000 to 8000, and the supply is in short supply. The advanced equipment introduced by big southeast can produce high-tech materials of 3 microns to 8 microns, which can replace imported products and improve the scientific and technological content of electric fuse products in China. It is reported that this is also the ninth production line after the introduction of BOPP film production line and biaxially stretched film production line in the past 10 years of cooperation between big southeast group and Germany Bruckner company

on behalf of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal People's Congress, the municipal government, and the Municipal Association, zhangzhongcan, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Zhuji, extended warm congratulations on the signing of the project. Zhang Zhong's other packaging materials/accessories: can said that the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and strength of the great southeast group is of great significance for the development and expansion of our city's characteristic industries, the promotion of the process of new industrialization, and the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of our city's regional economy. Zhang Zhongcan hopes that the great southeast Group Co., Ltd. and the German Bruckner company will further develop the good relationship that has been formed, cooperate sincerely, give play to their advantages, speed up construction, strive for early completion and early production, and play a leading role in demonstrating the transformation of economic growth mode and promoting intensive development for the majority of enterprises in our city. He hopes that all relevant functional departments will do their best to provide services during the implementation of the project to ensure the smooth progress of the project

source of information: Zhuji

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