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On November 13, China Southern Power Corporation held the 17th China Southern Power International Technology Forum in Shenzhen and released the world's first digital power white paper (hereinafter referred to as the white paper)

"southern power will deeply integrate advanced digital technology and business, implement digital transformation, build digital power, promote the transformation of the company to smart power operators, energy industry value chain integrators, energy ecosystem service providers, and build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness." Mengzhenping, chairman and Secretary of the Party group of China Southern Power Corporation, said in his speech at the meeting that he looked forward to working with all parties to jointly promote the digital transformation and innovative development of the energy and power industry, promote the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, and make greater contributions to the optimization and upgrading of the economic system and meeting the power needs of people for a better life

academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering Li Liwu, chairman of the southern power expert committee, said in an interview: "the release of the white paper means that southern power company has made very important research achievements in digital power. Through years of engineering practice, the company has summarized a series of valuable experience on the development and use of digital technology in power. The construction of digital power will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the future power system and energy system."

resolutely implement the innovation driven development strategy and adhere to reform and innovation. Digital power is the practical result of the implementation of national strategy by Southern Power Company. During the "13th five year plan" period, the company realized the transformation from quantity to quality and application in scientific and technological innovation; In terms of service innovation, promote the transformation of basic power supply services to modern service industry; In terms of business model innovation, realize the transformation from business thinking to product thinking; In terms of management innovation, we should realize the transformation from single professional management to overall management

one new, one change and one change. Southern Power and digital "dance together", with the basic enterprise positioning of national team status, platform enterprise and value chain integrator, and integrating the new generation of digital technologies such as "cloud, big things and intelligence transfer", we will fully promote the construction of "digital power", build a new form of power, a new business form of power enterprises and a new ecosystem of energy industry, and form a modern power and new energy system. It will effectively promote the digital transformation of the entire energy industry and give birth to a new digital economy

accelerate the construction of world-class digital enterprises and promote the implementation of the national energy revolution

recently, the first digital twin substation of Southern Power - Hainan 220 kV dayingshan digital twin substation was launched. This is a vivid practice for the company to actively integrate and serve the "new infrastructure" and accelerate the accelerated integration of digital technology and electrical technology represented by the "big cloud mobile intelligence chain"

Southern Power follows the network security standards and unified electricity data model, builds the corresponding digital twin electricity, uses the advanced digital technology platform to form a strong "computing power" with "computing power + data + model + algorithm", and relies on the Internet of things and interconnection to connect the perception, analysis, decision-making, business and other links of all parties involved in electricity, so that the power company has super perception ability, wise decision-making ability and rapid execution ability

not only that, due to the huge amount of energy flow, capital flow, logistics, business flow, etc. generated in the process of power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution, a large number of "data rich mines" have been formed to connect and communicate with the upstream and downstream of the energy industry chain, industrial interconnection, and digital government, creating new space for improving the governance of the energy industry and social governance

in order to realize this blueprint, southern power has formulated an action plan for digital transformation and digital power construction. In 2020, Nanfang power will basically build digital power, and comprehensively build a digital basic platform and business platform based on the integration of cloud and digital. It will basically form an interconnection pattern with digital government, national industrial interconnection, and upstream and downstream of the energy industry chain. It has the ability to support the realization of governance modernization and strategic transformation, and the ability to expand traditional power functions to all aspects of society. Digitalization has the basic characteristics of a world-class enterprise

by 2022, digital electricity will be built. The digital transformation of southern power company has been basically completed, the digital energy industry ecosystem has initially taken shape, and the pattern of digital electricity affecting the upstream and downstream of the energy industry and all aspects of society has basically taken shape. By 2025, digital electricity will become an important force to promote the implementation of the national energy revolution, an important part of the modern economic system, and reach the world-class level

improve the efficiency of energy allocation, electrical safety performance and renewable energy consumption capacity

Southern Power operates the world's most complex AC/DC interconnected power, covering Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and Hainan provinces, and is interconnected with Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asian countries. In this tangible physical electricity, Nanfang power brings the power technology to the extreme, bringing safe and stable power supply to thousands of households

"Ai load forecasting" is a specific application based on digital electricity. "We can automatically calculate the load and electricity quantity of the next day by comprehensively analyzing the multi-dimensional meteorological indicators (temperature, humidity, wind speed) and a large amount of data such as historical power consumption data, start-up and shutdown conditions and population migration in various regions, which gives power dispatchers important work tips." According to experts from the general dispatching department of China Southern Power Company, using digital technology, the dispatching department can not only predict the power load, but also predict the change trend of snowmelt on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau thousands of miles away, as well as the sudden increase of water after snowmelt, and timely adjust the optimal hydropower dispatching strategy and power transmission and receiving strategy to ensure the full absorption of hydropower in the West and the stable power supply in the East. It is understood that the "west to East power transmission" of Nanfang power is connected with the fluctuating hydropower in the West and the huge power demand in the East. The balance between supply and demand is crucial

digital electric can test the mechanical properties of adult toothbrush, children's toothbrush and children's toothbrush respectively according to the product specifications, which can optimize the energy allocation over a large geographical span, and can also do fine management on a small scale in cities. In Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, a "City Park two-level interconnection + smart energy demonstration project supporting the energy consumption revolution" has achieved good results and has been successfully accepted

in this project, 439 rooftop photovoltaic households, 2 electrochemical energy storage stations, 2 wind power stations and 1316 charging piles in Zhuhai are flexibly connected to the smart energy operation and management platform. The "digital central brain" of the project collects the operation status of these devices at all times, and finely implements sub regional prediction, scheduling, and coordination of various distributed energy sources. "This is the delicate management of energy resources like embroidery." The project leader said

digital power drives large-scale renewable energy collaborative scheduling with its powerful "power + computing power". By the end of October, the utilization rate of water energy in the overall power transfer of southern China had reached 99.3%, far higher than the 95% target set by the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy administration, and the clean energy of hydropower was basically consumed in full

drive management and business reform to help the construction of electricity business environment

at present, tens of thousands of construction workers are crossing nearly 1500 kilometers along the project, carrying out wire erection, installation, commissioning and other work in full swing. How to effectively organize and manage such a huge project while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control

the headquarters of China Southern Power Company set up a "tough battle headquarters" for the project. The commanders monitored the construction site thousands of miles away through digital "cloud monitoring" and "cloud command", coordinated the overall resources of the project construction, and directly issued headquarters decision-making instructions to the site, without any delay from decision-making to implementation

"the top management of the company can directly communicate with the grass-roots through the network." Cuiwenjun, head of Infrastructure Department of China Southern Power Corporation, believes that the digitalization of enterprises accelerates the vertical information transmission between headquarters and grassroots, improves the information symmetry between headquarters and grassroots, reduces the time lag between decision-making and action, and effectively improves the response speed to external changes

it is understood that in terms of management characteristics, different from the traditional hierarchical management mode, digital electricity uses digital platform management to provide end-to-end data services and business services, and forms an end-to-end, point-to-point flat management mode through data-driven business processes and decisions

the external services of enterprises are also changing synchronously. At present, more than 47million people have registered on the Internet customer service platform of Nanfang power, and more than 99% of their business comes from online. At the same time, the number of business halls was reduced by 400, and the number of business personnel was reduced by 1200, greatly saving production costs

customers have more sense of gain when using electricity. "At the weekend, the temperature suddenly fell and the heating was turned on. No wonder there was a little more electricity." Mr. Li, who lives in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, recently found that the electricity bill this month is a little high. But when he opened the "electricity calendar" of the official account of "Nanfang power 95598" and saw the daily electricity consumption, which day was less and which day was more, from green to red, it was clear, and his doubts were dispelled

this new "electricity calendar" has brought many surprises to customers this year. "In the past, we could only see how much electricity we used in a month. Now we can accurately consume it to the sky." Mr. Li said

through the application of digital electricity, people's sense of access to electricity and satisfaction will be continuously improved

digital electricity further improves customer service. Customers can conduct business consultation, business expansion, reporting and installation, bill inquiry, etc. through various ways. Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places have integrated face recognition technology, obtained electronic signatures and shared government data. Customers can submit "zero information" when they do business, so as to realize "not running at all"

through the construction of digital electricity, provide users with reliable power supply and create a world-class electricity business environment. Among the top ten cities in terms of power reliability of prefecture level cities in China, cities in the southern power supply region accounted for 6 seats and ranked among the top 3; In 2019, Shenzhen and Guangzhou won the top two in the evaluation of "access to electricity" in China's business environment. The average annual outage time of customers in Futian high reliability demonstration area in Shenzhen is only 0.19 minutes, reaching the world's top level, better than New York and Manhattan

big data technology builds an index model for economic operation power data helps build smart cities

"power data is a barometer reflecting the operation and development of the national economy." Based on the data of electricity consumption and loading, Nanfang Power Media Co., Ltd. gathered objective data such as high-speed freight, customs exports, loans, railway transportation extruders accounting for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery and regional people flow authorized by relevant departments, and built an index model through big data technology to form a sub regional and sub industry index. The index can visually display and analyze the economic operation of manufacturing, export enterprises, polluting enterprises and even communities, and has become a sharp tool for the economic operation analysis department

"at present, the index has provided decision-making reference services for Guangdong's industrial and information departments. We can also preset the number of reciprocations to provide customized services for the economic operation of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay area." Said chenqingming, deputy director of the data research and development center of Southern Media Co., Ltd

"based on digitalization, power companies are no longer just power supply companies. In the future, there will be more and more surprising social services." According to the relevant person in charge of Southern Power Company, a large amount of energy operation data and electricity consumption behavior data have been collected in the whole process of digital electricity from energy production to consumption. The connection between digital electricity and smart city can also play an important role in urban governance, policy formulation, macro-economy, etc

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