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A survey shows that indoor air pollution in autumn and winter will be more serious than that in other seasons, with an average increase of more than 20%. Indoor air pollution causes a variety of diseases. The oxygen should be made of diatom mud, which has the effect of adjusting air humidity and effectively cope with the problem of drying in winter

oxy diatom mud is processed with pure natural deep-sea diatomite as raw material, without adding any chemical substances, so as to ensure the "zero pollution" of the material from the root. Due to the molecular characteristics of diatom mud, it has the performance of flame retardant and heat preservation. In cold winter, with the care of diatom mud walls, although it is cold outside, the indoor temperature is always maintained at about 15 degrees. The most important point is that this insulation effect will not make the indoor air dry, on the contrary, the room is warm and comfortable

with the continuous reduction of temperature in autumn and winter and the opening of heating, the indoor temperature is relatively high, the release of some toxic and harmful gases in building decoration materials increases, and the indoor ventilation time continues to decrease, making it difficult for the toxic and harmful gases in the indoor environment to dissipate as soon as possible, which is easy to cause the retention of polluting gases in the room, and people spend more time in the room to avoid the cold, The harm of indoor air pollution has also entered a "high risk period"

human respiratory system is the most vulnerable: the harm of indoor air pollution is mainly respiratory tract infection. 90% of acute infections are caused by viruses, and there are more than 200 kinds of viruses. Some pathogenic microorganisms are easy to spread through the air, causing diseases to susceptible people. In addition, many indoor chemical pollutants are irritant gases. Long term breathing will reduce respiratory function, aggravate respiratory symptoms, and lead to a variety of respiratory diseases

generally, people spend about 70% of their life indoors, and the average person inhales 12 cubic meters of air per day. Indoor air quality has a great impact on human health. Relevant investigations at home and abroad show that the degree of indoor air pollution is 5-10 times higher than that of outdoor air. Indoor air pollution has become an inducement of many diseases and a "hidden killer" endangering human health

"now people's awareness of environmental protection and health is becoming stronger and stronger. In the past, indoor decoration generally used synthetic plastic products, chemical fiber products, adhesives and other materials, which will emit a large number of toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde, methanol, vinyl chloride and so on, which will seriously endanger people's health, while oxy diatom mud completely avoids these problems and makes" green home "a reality."

aiming at reducing indoor air pollution, the use of oxy diatom mud can regulate indoor air, absorb toxic and harmful gases, and make indoor air reach a safe environment

oxygen should have a special molecular structure of diatom mud, which can automatically adjust the air humidity in a dry climate, effectively adsorb the floating dust in the dry air, adsorb the harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene volatilized from furniture, and constantly release negative oxygen ions beneficial to human body. Negative oxygen ions, known as "air vitamins", can play a calming and hypnotic role. At the same time, they can also promote metabolism, enhance the power of body disease resistance, and clean indoor air while regulating humidity. Especially pregnant women and children, due to their low immunity, usually stay indoors in cold weather seasons. Diatom mud makes the room warm and comfortable

in winter, when decorating the room, choose diatom mud wall materials that keep warm and moist. This is the greatest care for their health, making your family warm and no longer cold




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