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In the inherent concept of parents, the bedside table is a symmetrical low cabinet + desk lamp... Young people want to break through the tradition, but also consider its practicality and aesthetics. For this reason, Xiaobian also consulted the designer, and he also gave Xiaobian a few tricks. Here I share with you ~

[idle objects at home]

↑ everyone can have several idle chairs at home more or less, which can be placed at the head of the bed, and the iron floor lamp is equipped with a wooden chair, which is both beautiful and practical...

↑ if there is an old-fashioned sewing machine or iron box at home, it's really a baby! You can use it to make a bedside table. This should be the biggest highlight in the whole house.

[Mini cabinet]

↑ it's also good to have such a mini cabinet. It looks much more smart than the original bedside table. Do you have wood? It's also beautiful. What do you say...

[small partition]

↑ the wall lamp is equipped with the decoration of small partition, which is practical and beautiful. It makes people feel very refreshing and natural when they look at it

[storage space]

↑ the wall lamp is equipped with storage space, which is easy to learn in the view of Xiaobian ~ simple and atmospheric, which is much better than a rigid bedside table

after looking at so many beautiful and easy-to-use bedside tables, do you have some ideas in your heart? If you want to implement it by hand, you can click the "background wall selection" at the bottom left to sign up for our free design, and there will be designers working with you for your new home. It's the best time to decorate now. Don't you hurry up



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