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In recent years, with the development of technology and society, mahogany desks and other products have gradually appeared. Because of the unique growth environment and situation of mahogany, mahogany is a scarce resource in the world, so mahogany furniture is very precious. If there is a desk in the office, it not only represents a commercial vision, but also a taste of life. Rosewood is hard, durable and beautiful in color, so it is often used to make crafts and furniture. Today, let's introduce the relevant knowledge of mahogany desk products to you

introduction to rosewood

rosewood, the title of a unified range. There are 5 genera and 8 categories, and the best rosewood is red sandalwood, rosewood and blackwood

mahogany desk advantages

safety and environmental protection: durable, safe and environmentally friendly, cost-effective

good artistry: durable, good artistic temperament, high cost performance

rosewood desk placement

1, sitting West to East: conducive to progress, the disadvantages are too ambitious and ambitious

2. Sit East and West: it is conducive to accumulating wealth, and the disadvantages are extravagant and provoke peach blossom

3. Sitting north and South: conducive to passion and social activity. There are many emotional twists and turns and quarrels

mahogany desk Feng Shui decoration taboo

location of Feng Shui on desk

1 Office style office: avoid facing the door with the desk to prevent external interference and peeping

2. Independent office: pay attention to quiet, good lighting conditions, not facing the door, window, etc

the overall requirements for placing Feng Shui on the desk

do not use a circle, and the most appropriate is a rectangle& ldquo; There is support behind ”, Reduce emptiness and insecurity, and increase reliability

precautions for placing Feng Shui on the desk

keep clean and tidy, and do not place things unrelated to work, such as snacks, fashion magazines, etc

rosewood desk price

because the brand, model, material and manufacturer of rosewood desk are different, of course, the price of rosewood desk will also be different. The price of mahogany desk generally ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the price of mahogany desk and the relevant knowledge of placement taboos. I hope to help friends who need it in this regard! If you need to know more about the relevant price details, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to the mall to buy your favorite products




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