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Economic globalization and great development of packaging (Part I)

-- the impact of economic globalization on China's packaging industry and Countermeasures

the wave of economic globalization is coming to us one after another. From the south pole to the north pole, from Everest to the Alps, people can feel the arrival of economic globalization in every corner of the earth. One after another, the reorganization upsurge of transnational corporations has turned the "big world" into a "small village". People can travel around the world in comfort at home, and can buy beautifully packaged goods from various countries without leaving home. The economies of countries around the world are developing in this big logistics cycle

in April, 2000, the "International Seminar on China's packaging and world economic development" hosted by China Packaging Technology Association was held in Jiangsu, opening the curtain for China's packaging industry to meet globalization

1 globalization has a long way to go

the globalization phenomenon that people pay attention to today does not begin in the contemporary era. Turning to history, the success of the bourgeois revolution in the 17th century stimulated the global expansion of the early capitalist mode of production and products. The industrial revolution that began in 1730 started the youthful vitality of industrial modernization and further promoted the global spread and penetration of industrial products

in July 1944, representatives of the United States, the Soviet Union, China and 44 other countries gathered in Breton Sen to sign and establish three international organizations. In a sense, the "troika" of the International Monetary Fund, the world bank and the world trade organization is not only the product of economic globalization, but also drives the development of economic globalization

with the continuous development of the 19th and 20th centuries, especially the rapid growth of the information industry since the 1990s, globalization has entered the stage of "global village"; Multinational corporations allocate resources all over the world to minimize their costs and maximize their profits; The rapid development of high technology, especially the popularization of Internet, has injected new vitality into the further integration of the global economy; Relying on the means of communication provided by modern science and technology, the breath of economic globalization makes people feel its incomparable power

economic globalization is the expansion and integration of economic activities of countries around the world, mainly including the globalization of production, trade and finance. The globalization of production is manifested in the fact that multinational corporations can test the technical indicators such as the maximum bearing force, tensile strength, elongation deformation and elongation rate for the optimization group of production factors on a global scale, so as to obtain the maximum profit; The globalization of trade relies on scientific and exquisite packaging to realize that the proportion of trade volume in the world's GDP is increasing day by day. In 1980, the global trade volume accounted for about 15% of the world's total output value, and it is expected to account for about 50% in 2020; The globalization of financial activities is reflected in the expansion of financial capital in the world. In contrast, its pace is faster, its vitality is greater, its coverage is wider, and it can achieve thousands of trillions of dollars of transactions in a few seconds

economic globalization has led to the continuous emergence of transnational corporations. At present, there are more than 53000 transnational corporations in the world. They have 500000 branches abroad, accounting for about 50% of the world's total output value, controlling 60% of the world's international trade, 90% of the international direct investment, and more than 90% of the new technologies and processes. In today's world, transnational corporations have been everywhere and promoted globalization

Globalization is a double-edged sword

2.1 promoting world economic development

first of all, globalization has deepened economic ties around the world, expanded the space for economic activities, and brought new development opportunities to countries around the world, such as facilitating the circulation of commodities and capital, further promoting the development of international trade and attracting foreign investment. Over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, there have been 340000 foreign-invested enterprises in China, attracting a total of US $300billion in foreign investment

2.2 accelerating the world's scientific and technological progress

globalization is also conducive to the promotion and application of high and new technologies, the development of comparative advantages of economies around the world, participation in international division of labor, and the development of international markets. Driven by the globalization of the one-time use light proof infusion set produced by extrusion and injection molding process, many countries and regions in the world may have a "scientific and technological effect", so as to promote economic development to catch up or surpass. China's home appliance packaging exports to 183 countries and regions are an example. (to be continued)

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