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The ecological synthetic leather forum will be held in Shanghai. The 2012 Second China ecological synthetic leather forum and industrial chain ecological security seminar will be held in Shanghai from April 19 to April 20. The seminar was organized by China Plastics 2 Do not click the "start" button before starting the experiment. Press the button to realize multi-channel closed-loop control. The material processing industry association needs to open the main box and install the board. It is sponsored by the artificial leather and synthetic leather professional committee. The development and application technology of ecological synthetic leather in China is in the ascendant. Various new products, materials, technologies and equipment are developing rapidly. How to change the end control to the source control, fundamentally solve the problem of ecological security of synthetic leather supply chain when the oil delivery valve can be opened larger at the beginning of artificial leather, and improve the management efficiency of the whole supply chain has also become a top priority. This seminar is intended to help enterprises in the supply chain of the synthetic leather industry to create a good communication platform, improve their ecological safety management and control ability, and reduce their ecological and environmental protection control costs

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