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On May 15, in hall 8 of the 17th Beijing Science and Technology Expo, three rows of organic lettuce attracted the attention of many visitors. The LED ecological light conversion glass continuously converts sunlight into blue and red light that plants really need for photosynthesis, and the growth rate of these plants can be increased by 50%

"what plants really need for photosynthesis is blue and red light of specific wavelengths in sunlight, which accounts for only 30% of the sunlight." Su Liu, director of the high-tech materials R & D center of Hebei Aobo group, told us that the light conversion glass can directly convert the ultraviolet light in the sunlight into the action spectrum required for plant growth, and adjust the light power of blue and red light according to the spectral characteristics of different plants to promote plant growth

the company has also introduced several semi-automatic packaging production lines. It is reported that the group cooperates with Tianjin University of technology to develop the LED ecological light conversion glass. The light conversion glass is combined with the wind and water circulation system and the humidity and temperature automatic control system to form a small "plant factory" through soilless cultivation of plants. In addition to being used at home, it can be used in ships Desert and other extreme environments also have application prospects for promoting cooperation between industry, University, research and application

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