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Yunnan ecological environment monitoring network has basically achieved full coverage of land and space.

the recycled plastic granulator, the main treatment machine for the ecological environment in Yunnan Province, will have a large number of customer groups to hold a press conference. The monitoring network representing the ecological environment quality in Yunnan Province has basically achieved full coverage of land and space

ecological environment monitoring is the ear, eye, cornerstone and "pillar" of ecological environment protection, and an important support for the construction of ecological civilization. Environmental monitoring through a variety of monitoring instruments is the premise of scientific environmental management

up to now, Yunnan has built an ecological environment monitoring organization and team with the provincial environmental monitoring center as the center, 16 prefectural and municipal environmental monitoring stations as the framework, and 115 county-level environmental monitoring stations as the support. The ecological environment monitoring capacity of the whole province has been significantly improved

among them, 152 automatic ambient air monitoring stations covering county-level cities have been built in Yunnan; 370 surface water monitoring sections covering important rivers and waters; The water quality of 224 county-level and above centralized drinking water 5. Shear test source areas is monitored from time to time; Covering 1433 monitoring points of soil environmental quality such as cultivated land and forest land in the province; 3498 urban noise monitoring points, 89 radiation environment monitoring points, 35 acid rain monitoring points, etc., have preliminarily realized the full coverage of land space for ecological environment monitoring

in addition, the automation level of environmental monitoring in Yunnan has been significantly improved. At present, Yunnan has built an automatic ambient air station covering 129 counties (cities, districts) in the province to realize the ambient air quality monitoring of "county-level monitoring, evaluation, prediction and early warning"

in terms of monitoring technical means, Yunnan Province has started to use the latest monitoring means, such as satellite remote sensing and performance stable UAV remote sensing monitoring, to monitor the natural vegetation change, development, utilization and destruction of halogen-free flame retardant PP in the nature reserve, which has become a hot and important environmental sensitive area in the industry, in accordance with the requirements of the construction of the monitoring network of "integration of heaven and earth", so as to effectively solve the problem of large-scale and large-scale, The technical means and achievements are applied to the monitoring, evaluation and assessment of county ecological environment quality in the whole province. Meanwhile, Yunnan Province has carried out satellite remote sensing monitoring of cyanobacteria in Dianchi Lake and Erhai Lake, the nine plateau lakes, providing technical support for studying and judging the outbreak of cyanobacteria and changes in water quality from time to time

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