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"Ecological materials" have become the world's mainstream orders of 100 million yuan, encouraging the production of polylactic acid material bowls

in the Juyan new materials office of Weihai Nanhai new area science and technology business incubator, zhengwenbin, deputy general manager and materials expert of Weihai Juyan new materials Co., Ltd., poured the boiling water ready to make tea into a transparent thin bowl, and the rising heat made the office smoke, but unexpectedly, This seemingly fragile cup is intact, even its shape has not changed. "This is a polylactic acid bowl, which is both high temperature resistant and transparent, and can be degraded without any pollution." Zhengwenbin talked about the cause of polylactic acid materials he was engaged in. He said that the purpose of the company was to make ecological polylactic acid materials replace disposable tableware and make contributions to the ecological cause

transforming from shoe manufacturers to "ecological materials" industry

polylactic acid material bowl is just one of zhengwenbin's main inventions in the field of new materials. In addition, the polylactic acid fully degraded agricultural film developed by him can be completely degraded into fertilizer within 8 months, while the ordinary agricultural film with oil as raw material takes 100 years to degrade and also forms "white pollution", The technology has passed the examination and test of the agricultural department and is in the stage of popularization and application

in fact, zhengwenbin's entrepreneurial road in the field of polylactic acid ecological materials is not plain sailing. He used to be the boss of a Fujian shoe factory. When testing shoe filling materials with degradable materials, he accidentally found that it could overcome the high temperature resistance of polylactic acid materials while maintaining the degradable characteristics, which opened a window for him to get involved in the field of new polylactic acid materials

after falling in love with new material technology, zhengwenbin invested a large amount of research and development funds of no more than 4 pages and gradually transformed into the field of new materials. After more than ten years of training, he also grew into a material expert. Now, he has made a revolutionary breakthrough in polylactic acid materials. The products produced with polylactic acid materials not only do not contain plasticizer and formaldehyde, but also are odorless, renewable and biodegradable. Compared with plastics, they are more recognized by the market

2015, Juyan New Material Co., Ltd. settled in the science and technology enterprise accelerator in Nanhai new area of Weihai, with a total production workshop of more than 6000 square meters. Most of the equipment has been in place and has been put into operation. In order to further support the development and growth of the enterprise, Weihai Nanhai new area has given a three-year rent free policy, and timely helped solve various problems encountered by the company, and supported Juyan new material in its early stage of development to enter the fast lane of development

"ecological materials" are favored by the world and have won orders of more than 100 million yuan

in the brand-new production workshop of Juyan new materials company, there are four workshops: blow molding, Blister molding, injection molding and modification. Several sets of equipment have started production, and dozens of workers are working overtime for production. "We cooperated with Starbucks to make coffee cup covers for them. The partner said that the other side could import as much as we could." Zhengwenbin proudly said that Starbucks sells 4.4 billion cups of coffee around the world every year. My tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. If we make 100million coffee cup covers for Starbucks, we can get millions of yuan in sales revenue

Juyan New Material Co., Ltd. has no salesperson, and the equipment has not kept the beam still. However, the company has ordered more than 100 million yuan, and orders are still pouring in from all over the world. "Green development has been the consensus of the world, and China has paid more and more attention to environmental protection, which has also opened up a market for polylactic acid materials." Zhengwenbin said that at present, the company's products mainly include polylactic acid gloves, garbage bags, roast chicken boxes and cups. Among them, 20million roast chicken boxes will be exported to the United States this year. In addition, the ingredients of these products are 100% polylactic acid, which does not contain plasticizer, is harmless to human body, and can be degraded in a short time. After degradation, they can be used as soil nutrients, which is beneficial to the environment

in order to ensure product quality, zhengwenbin has extremely strict requirements on product testing. Before leaving the factory, each product must undergo more than 10 tests, such as tensile force, moisture content, impact resistance, etc. For this reason, Juyan new material has also been recognized by the enterprises in the new area and has become a supplier of 3D printing line consumables for Xianlin 3D Technology Co., Ltd. in Weihai Nanhai new area. "Our products have passed the certification of many systems in Europe and America, and the raw materials of 3D printing line are corn starch, which is harmless to human body, and can also help 3D printing be more applied to teaching practice." Zhengwenbin said

faced with more and more orders, zhengwenbin's biggest headache is how to increase production capacity in a short time to meet customer needs. "At present, we are speeding up the expansion of production scale, and will continue to strengthen scientific research. In the future, we plan to use Weihai Nanhai New Area as the research and development base for polylactic acid materials. We need to timely liquidate the molds, develop more new materials, and dream of one day replacing plastic products completely." Looking ahead, zhengwenbin said

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