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Economic globalization China's coating enterprises' market competition strategies

economic globalization China's coating enterprises' market competition strategies

July 23, 2019

in recent years, the world coating market has been expanding, and China's coating market has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world, maintaining a good level of development in the global financial crisis. The competition in the global coating market is intensifying, and foreign-funded coating enterprises are increasing their investment and market occupation in the Chinese market, and gradually expanding their market share in China. After the global financial crisis, China's coating enterprises try to put forward some opinions and Countermeasures on how to deal with the survival, challenges and seize the opportunity. Silicone structural seals for buildings

(I) strengthen scientific research and development, develop new scientific research products

to speed up the development of advanced processes, promote the elimination of backward processes, constantly carry out technological transformation of existing production units, and constantly develop new scientific and technological coating products and environmental protection coating products in line with social development. The development experience of developed countries in Europe has shown that environmental friendly coatings will be the key to win or lose the competition. However, at present, the annual investment in scientific research and development of China's coating industry is less than 1% of sales, which is still far below the level of developed countries. The experience of competition in the coating industry tells domestic enterprises that in the competition with foreign enterprises, Chinese enterprises are mainly backward in technology. Due to the low scientific and technological content and low level of products, if they want to catch up with and surpass the product quality of foreign coating enterprises in the competition with foreign capital, they must use our low labor cost and domestic sales network advantages to defeat foreign capital

(COMAC undertakes the development task of fuselage and tail wing work package II) in the face of competition in the coating industry, Chinese coating enterprises should carry out strategic restructuring

the scale of Chinese coating industry enterprises is extremely uneconomical. They are large in number and widely distributed, but they are small in scale. Moreover, due to the increasing trend of human cost and oil price, The domestic small and medium-sized coating enterprises lack the ability to resist the market storm and participate in international competition. Facing the severe challenge that foreign capital may accelerate investment in the domestic coating industry and further expand market share, it is urgent to accelerate the support and growth of large enterprise groups. The collectivization of enterprises is conducive to enhancing the advantages of economies of scale and scope. It can make more extensive use of economic resources and market space, embark on the road of sustainable development, and reform property rights. Joint stock reform and other forms have enabled them to develop in the market competition. We will implement the strategy of large companies and groups to achieve large-scale, collectivization and specialization, and lay the foundation for participating in international competition. Change the production mode that Chinese state-owned enterprises pursue large and comprehensive, small and comprehensive, encourage to improve the technical level of special coatings, and eliminate low-performance coating products, so as to form a certain production scale for all kinds of special coatings and functional coatings such as automobiles, aviation, containers, heavy-duty corrosion protection, high-end furniture, and strengthen specialized production, so as to promote the optimization of the product structure of the coating industry and meet the needs of the market

(III) continuously optimize the technical structure and product structure of the coating industry, and participate in the international coating market

China has become the world's largest country in coating production and consumption. However, the problem of overcapacity in China's coating industry is prominent, and it is still in the development bottleneck of "low investment, low technology and low profit". By comprehensively speeding up the development of China's coating industry through technological innovation, management innovation and brand innovation, China's coating industry will be able to change from big to strong, rely on the new to become strong, and make greater contributions to the development of the national economy and urban and rural construction; Optimize the enterprise structure and strengthen specialized production in order to improve the economic benefits of the whole industry and stabilize the product quality, we should actively encourage and guide enterprises to develop towards specialization: specialization of resin production, specialization of coating production, specialization of color paste production, and form standardized production on this basis. At the same time, it is necessary to continue to expand foreign economic and technical cooperation, actively march into the world paint market, promote the "going out" strategy of Chinese paint enterprises, expand exports and improve grades. Participating in the international paint market competition can not only maintain the leading level of China's domestic market, but also compete with international enterprises and improve the international competition level of the domestic paint industry

(IV) continue to give full play to the advantages of China's coating industry

first, after 20 years of development, China's coating industry has been ahead of some developing countries in terms of product technology and process equipment, and has a price advantage over western developed countries. Secondly, domestic coating enterprises have a better understanding of their own architectural characteristics and domestic consumer demand than foreign enterprises. As long as they further increase their technical investment in synchronous belts, reducers and product research and development, they can regain the mainstream position in the domestic market with their low cost advantage and understanding of the market. Third, while competing for the Chinese market, foreign enterprises will also bring their advanced management experience and superb technology. Their production, sales and scientific research are worthy of learning and reference from domestic coating enterprises. Fourth, domestic coating enterprises can also expand their own enterprise scale by means of joint venture, cooperation with foreign enterprises, merger and cooperation with large domestic enterprises, so as to improve their market competitiveness while adjusting the product structure

(V) the country should further improve and strengthen environmental protection standards. A literature review reported that after artificial intervertebral disc implantation, the European Union and the United States have strengthened the safety supervision indicators of coating products in recent years. Some emerging countries may also take anti-dumping measures to protect imported coating products. The export of coating products is facing higher environmental protection standards and technical barriers. At present, China is studying and preparing the development plan for energy conservation and environmental protection industry. Coatings and chemical industry are expected to become new environmental protection industries, and a number of national mandatory standards related to coatings are about to be issued and implemented, which will help enterprises attach importance to increasing investment in environmental protection research and improve the overall level of China's coating industry

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