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PTA continued to run in a range with good economic data

Zhengzhou PTA futures rose slightly on the 23rd, with the main 1205 contract closing at 8290 yuan/ton, up 28 yuan. Due to the improvement of US data, crude oil continued to close and rise, driving the spot price outside PTA higher, but the downstream receiving situation was restricted by the factory holiday before the holiday. On the technical side, the futures price jumped up to the area with dense moving average, while the Bollinger channel was further narrowed, and the rebound for several days did not break through the pressure of the upper Bollinger line. At present, the futures price is in a range of volatile market. Last Friday, crude oil continued to rise, with short-term focus on the operation between pta8000 and 8400

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed slightly higher on the 23rd, approaching the 100 yuan mark, and recorded the longest continuous rise since early November, boosted by the improvement of US economic data. The settlement price of NYMEX February light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract closed up 15 cents to close at US $99.68 per barrel, or 0.2%, for domestic special metal materials independently developed by China Steel Research; It rose 6.6% this week, the highest weekly increase since the week ended October 28. Ice Brent crude oil futures contract rose 38 cents to 108 electronic dollars a barrel

the data shows that the order of durable goods in the United States increased by 3.8% in November, which won the favor of the market and reached the highest level in four months. Orders in October were corrected from decline to flat. Data on the 22nd showed that the number of initial jobless claims in the week of December 17 in the United States fell to the lowest level since April 2008, and the rise of leading economic indicators in November was higher than expected. Due to the approaching holiday, the market trading on the 23rd was particularly light, and the trading volume hit the lowest level in the year. Meanwhile, us personal income and expenditure rose less than expected in November, and oil traders were reluctant to carry out large-scale buying

in terms of plant dynamics, Zhuhai bp900000 ton plant began to arrange about 35 days of shutdown and capacity expansion on December 6. Shanghai Jinshan 400000 ton and Yizheng 350000 ton units basically resumed operation in early December; Xianglu Petrochemical's 1.6 million ton unit was temporarily shut down in late November, and then the load was maintained at about 80%; Fujian Jialong 600000 ton unit stopped briefly for days due to failure on December 10

spot price: East China PTA offers a spot price of RMB/ton and a buying price of about RMB 8450/ton. It is estimated that the price is RMB/ton through negotiation. The Asia PTA Taiwan bonded offer is at yuan/ton, the purchase is at or above 1100 yuan/ton, and the reference negotiation valuation is around 1105 dollars/ton. The Korean bonded offer in the United States 2 achieved a high charging rate of yuan/ton through battery design and material improvement. The purchase price was about US $1085/ton, and the negotiated valuation was US $1/ton

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