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Traditional wooden door enterprises turn to online marketing operations to win the five moves

traditional wooden door enterprises to do e-commerce, as if they suddenly entered a new field, inexperienced, talented, and difficult to walk. How to succeed in the new e-commerce competition has become a new problem faced by traditional wooden door enterprises. Traditional wooden door enterprises doing e-commerce are like suddenly entering a new field. They have no experience, no talents, and walk hard. How to succeed in the new e-commerce competition has become a new problem faced by traditional wooden door enterprises. The key to the success of e-commerce lies in the marketing operation of Mumen enterprise network, because e-commerce is not to establish a Mumen enterprise station or e-mall, but to make money through the new channel of Internet. The successful marketing operation of wooden door enterprises must control the following points

the first move: improve the strategic height of the company

in many traditional wooden door enterprises, e-commerce work is only a branch of the marketing department, or a small department built by several people. Wooden door enterprises' understanding of e-commerce stays at the stage of opening a store and going to the mall, which does not provide necessary organizational guarantee for the e-commerce operation of wooden door enterprises. In fact, Mumen enterprises should first understand and understand the mode, scale and influence of e-commerce online business from a macro perspective, as well as the clear upward trend and huge potential in the future, and comprehensively consider the future development and basic organizational structure of e-commerce from the aspects of e-commerce channels, brands, products, services, talents, etc. Only in this way can business e-commerce be truly established for a long time, until it is invincible in the rapidly changing market environment of e-commerce

second move: choose a sales platform that matches the company's development

e-commerce channels have developed to today, there are many sales platforms such as tmall,, group purchase, banking, payment platforms, C2C, B2C, C2B, o2o and other purchase modes, as well as display terminals such as computers, TVs, and even bank ATMs. In the face of the complex e-commerce environment, the choice of e-commerce sales channels directly determines the success or failure of the future development of e-commerce of wooden door enterprises. The choice of access should fully consider the current brand status of the wooden door enterprise,

product structure, consumption, which may cause the misoperation of the experimental machine and the parts to be tested to damage the crowd, profit space, etc. Comprehensively evaluate the impact of online business development on offline, the company's positioning for e-commerce in the coming years and the executable investment budget

for small wooden door enterprises, it is recommended to first open their own sales stores from tmall, and other platforms, with less investment and quick results, and quickly cultivate their own e-commerce ideas and talent reserves. For medium-sized wooden door enterprises, they should focus on the current mainstream B2C in store and sales distribution, build their own wooden door enterprise official or e-commerce platform, and comprehensively consider the Internet communication of brands and the formation of brand influence. For large comprehensive wooden door enterprises, they must consider forming their own electronic commodity industry chain, layout future e-commerce from brand communication, wooden door enterprise structure,

product structure planning, logistics and storage cluster formation and other aspects, and focus on developing and entering every sales comprehensive technical level to reach the domestic leading level channels and platforms in addition to establishing their own b2c sales platform. At present, the merger of Gome and Cooper, the renaming of Suning, and the change of JD domain name are all the needs of adjusting the market structure. As many traditional wooden door enterprises focusing on production or sales, they should better seize the opportunity of this market change

the third trick: give full play to the role of the brand

the pulling and premium role of the brand plays a very important role in the operation of e-commerce. More and more consumers not only look at the price, but also comprehensively consider the brand factor. Therefore, when traditional wooden door enterprises enter e-commerce operations, they must consider the characteristics of brand communication in the Internet. For example, incomparable timeliness and full-time, massive and open communication content, bidirectional and interactive communication process, virtual communication mode, etc. Full consideration should be given to the design of brand VI, the design of product packaging, and the selection of publicity methods. With a strong brand style, silk women's clothing has quickly become a prominent brand

the fourth trick: integrate the online and offline characteristics, and select the core products.

any sales method and channel should focus on excellent products, so that people can love brands and remember wooden door enterprises by buying products. The offline product lines of traditional wooden door enterprises are not necessarily suitable for interconnection, and the offline star products are not necessarily popular on the Internet. At the same time, we should also fully consider the impact of online sales products on offline sales, whether the design of product portfolio and price layout will affect the stable offline market volume, whether it will affect the current vested interests of offline distributors, etc. Therefore, the product line combination sold by e-commerce must be redefined and comprehensively considered from the aspects of product appearance, price, profit margin, packaging, etc. Focus on providing good products, even if it needs to be repositioned and designed

fifth trick: personalized service and experience will become effective competitiveness

service and experience are the driving force for the success of e-commerce wooden door enterprises. At the moment of product homogeneity, service and experience are particularly important. There is no big deal in operation. The service and experience of e-commerce is to do a good job in every detail, and gradually accumulate in the way of water dripping through the stone

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