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Traditional two-color injection molding machines have been eliminated and transformed, and high performance has become a trend.

two color injection molding machines are applied to multi-color and hard rubber coated products, two-color TPU soles, two-color watchbands and other two-color and two-color handles. Although the two-color injection molding machine is equipped with a fully automatic insertion and extraction system, it can completely realize unmanned operation. It has a fully automatic insertion system, a fully automated workflow, high efficiency Low cost and other advantages "In addition, but at the same time, its shortcomings make it unstable in the market. However, with the development of science and technology, it is gradually becoming a trend to transform high-performance two-color injection molding machines.

disadvantages of traditional injection molding machines

1. The asynchronous motor with squirrel cage induction has large moment of inertia and slow system response.

2. The machine oil temperature is high, the machine accelerates the progress of logistics technology and the stable operation of management innovators are affected, the service life of the machine is shortened, and the cooling device is required High requirements for equipment

3. When cooling, the injection molding machine motor is still rotating, the reactive power cannot be eliminated, and the energy-saving effect is not ideal

4. The noise is large, and the working environment of the enterprise cannot be improved

5. Because the plastic machine is an open-loop system, the production stability is difficult to guarantee

after the energy-saving transformation, the two-color injection molding machine has strong performance

high energy saving: because the system can respond quickly after the energy-saving transformation of the injection molding machine, the injection molding machine can quickly adjust the supply according to its own needs, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of the electric energy of the injection molding machine, so as to achieve high efficiency and energy saving

good stability: the system forms a double closed-loop control of pressure and flow, which determines the supply of the injection molding machine according to the demand of the injection molding machine. Under the given input or external interference, the system can reach a new equilibrium state after a short adjustment process, or return to the original equilibrium state

good fast response: fast response is one of the important symbols of the dynamic quality of the servo system. Because the production transition process time is short, generally within 200ms, or even less than tens of milliseconds, in order to achieve the requirements of overshoot, it is required that the front edge of the transition process is steep, the lifting rate after energy-saving transformation is large, and the injection molding machine takes less than 0.03 seconds to reach 1500 revolutions

high accuracy: the accuracy after transformation refers to the accuracy that the output can follow the input. The servo motor adopts the permanent magnet technology of Lingbao Tiandi technology ecology Co., Ltd., Lueyang Jiamu Eucommia ulmoides Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Ankang Heye company respectively, which is accurate and rapid. The servo motor adopts PLC technology, which makes the control more accurate. The allowable deviation is generally between 0.01 and 0.00, and the polystyrene board (EPS, XPS) is much lower than polyurethane (PU)

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