The hottest traffic in Athens faces a great test

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Athens' transportation is facing a great test

on July 8, how to ensure smooth transportation has always been the most thorny problem for the Olympic host city, and Athens is no exception. Through observation during this period of time, it is found that although the traffic situation in Athens is not as bad as previously advertised, it is difficult to say whether there will be trouble in Athens during the Olympic Games

it has been half a month since I came to Athens, and I have taken the bus to interview everywhere in Athens almost every day. Although I occasionally encounter a traffic jam, it rarely takes more than 5 minutes. Although there are many cars on Athens street, the traffic flow is basically in a flowing state. Compared with the "long queues" often lined up on the second ring road in Beijing, the traffic in Athens should be described as "good". There are many traffic signs on the streets of Athens, especially signs such as no straight ahead, no left turn and no right turn. Although this avoids the intersection congestion to a certain extent, it also brings another problem: drivers often need to drive around a lot of roads to reach their destination

the roads in Athens are very developed, and there are often four or five branches at a junction, which is like a maze. However, the road signs on the streets are too simple, and the road signs in many places are not in English. For foreigners who are new here, getting lost here is quite common. However, the city of Athens has recruited 3000 volunteers. During the Olympic Games, these volunteers will take to the streets to provide guidance services for foreign tourists at any time. During the Olympic Games, more than 1million tourists are expected to pour into Athens, which is a huge challenge to Athens' traffic, which is close to saturation. In view of the traffic nightmare of the Atlanta Olympic Games, the organizers of the Athens Olympic Games have taken many measures to improve traffic. They have reconstructed and expanded dozens of urban roads, and built a number of expressways and light rail lines. A railway with a total length of 40 kilometers, connecting Athens International Airport and the city center, has been built in early July with different materials of the same combustion grade, and is expected to be put into use at the end of the month. Gosevich, the head of the railway construction project, told Xinhua that the design speed of the railway is as high as 200 km/h. for safety reasons and the current power supply problems, the train speed will be controlled at 160 km/h during the Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, the most stressful will be the light rail line 1 from the center of Athens to the Olympic comprehensive sports center in the northern marosi region. By then, the number of passengers taking the bus every day is expected to be close to 400000. Because this light rail line also has a small impact on the heavy load to another Olympic venue gathering area - the South fariro beach, it is the "bottleneck" of Athens transportation during the Olympic Games, and it is also the place that Olympic organizers are most worried about

however, with the opening of tram lines in southern Athens last month, the pressure on light rail line 1 will be greatly reduced. This tram line not only connects the center of Athens with the fariro venue area and hailinico venue area in the south, but also connects with light rail line 1, which is very convenient for people to transfer

athletes do not have to worry about being unable to arrive at the competition venue on time due to traffic congestion. Because, in order to ensure that members of the "Olympic family" arrive at their destinations quickly and safely, there will be a dedicated Olympic vehicle lane on the main roads in Athens during the Olympic Games. In addition, parking will be banned on some road sections, especially around the Olympic venues. Although this has ensured the smooth travel of members of the "Olympic family", it has brought many inconveniences to the normal life of Athens citizens. It is estimated that during the Olympic Games, the traffic flow of one lane of the main road in Athens will be as high as 1200 to 1400 vehicles per hour, and the maximum speed will not exceed 10 km/h

the Greek transport department is appealing to Athens citizens through television, newspapers and other media to "give up" private cars and take public transport during the Olympic Games. However, John Goliath, Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of transport, said that due to the relatively backward public transport system in Athens in the past, self driving has always been the preferred mode of transportation for people. It is difficult for Athens citizens to change this habit in a short time if the clamping force increases. If so, when the Olympic Games open, Athens will be greeted by unprecedented traffic jams

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