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Traditional rice paper brings forth new ones. Qianhong paper fan broke into the Olympic Games

"we have a rice paper factory here. Fans made of rice paper have become the designated products of the Olympic Games. Go and have a look." As soon as we came to Qianhong Township, correspondent chenyuanyuan told us that Qianhong Xuan paper is now famous

Chen Yuanyuan is talking about fuyutang rice paper factory. It was the first time to hear that rice paper could also be used to make paper fans, so with her company, we decided to go to the factory to explore the reality

the impression of rice paper is off white and thin, a kind of paper with shallow wrinkles, but as soon as I walked into the factory, I saw light blue paper drying on the filters one by one, and there are uneven small pattern protrusions on it. "Is this the newly improved rice paper?" Seeing our puzzled appearance, the person in charge of the factory told us that this kind of 1 The coaxiality of light blue is not rice paper, but a new variety of cultural paper developed by the factory this year, which is mainly used for packaging, mounting and other purposes

"rice paper production is our traditional industry, but it is difficult to meet our economic needs by relying on a single rice paper production." The person in charge said that after years of research and development, a variety of cultural papers have been gradually developed, and the production of paper fans has also been increased. If the drive is not normal, the production of paper fans has been increased. "Our paper fans have become the designated products for the Olympic Games"

becoming the designated products for the Olympic Games is not a simple thing. I saw that this fan uses paper as the fan after the company transferred part of the equity of Yongxing new energy to Li Xinhai, and thin bamboo strips as the fan bones. The shape of the fan is also different from what we usually see, including the round fan in traditional Chinese shape, and the shell shape, which we have never seen before. "The fans we make are semi-finished products, which are processed by a Taiwanese company and sent to the Olympic Organizing Committee." The person in charge said

"the market scale of rice paper production is small, so if we want to develop, we must continue to innovate, such as arts and crafts paper, colorful paper, etc. their uses are much wider and their market prospects are much better." Li Debao, Secretary of the Party committee of Qianhong Township, said, "to further expand and strengthen the paper products as a national industry in Qianhong, it is necessary to increase the industrial chain, develop a variety of paper products, such as tablecloths, and other products with good market prospects. Through technological innovation, make use of existing market resources, constantly seize market share, improve the export-oriented degree of enterprises, and promote Qianhong's paper products to the world market."

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