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The transformation of traditional printing enterprises attempts to move closer to culture

[China Packaging News] at present, China is moving forward from a large printing country to a powerful printing country. Transformation and upgrading has become the pain that printing enterprises must experience. The winners are stronger, and the losers can only be gloomy Electric motors (blowers) suddenly quit. At the turning point of the industry, both famous demonstration enterprises at home and abroad and small and micro enterprises with only dozens or hundreds of people are using their brains to explore bravely. This issue of printing weekly Focus on small and micro enterprises and printing development sub regions to see how they face industry transformation

under the market conditions of weak market, high financing interest rate and high labor cost, the printing and packaging industry in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province is exploring a transformation and leap forward road of self-improvement and leading improvement. According to statistics, there are 178 printing and Packaging Council member units in Huzhou Printing Industry Association of Zhejiang Province. Through the investigation and statistics of 22 enterprises, the data shows that there are 2555 employees in total, and the output value reaches 2.398 billion yuan, an increase of 62.8% over the previous year's 1.47 billion yuan; The profit reached 168million yuan, an increase of 31.96% over 127million yuan last year. The proportion of the output value of packaging and printing industry in the total industrial economy of Huzhou City is increasing, and it has become an indispensable part of the industrial economy of Huzhou City

speed up investment and plan the development of cultural industry

the packaging and printing industry is both a cultural industry and a creative industry. The packaging and printing industry is revitalizing with the help of cultural creativity. Creative industry has become an important link in improving the level of cities, accelerating economic transformation and adjusting economic structure. Huzhou packaging and printing industry actively uses knowledge economy and innovative technology to promote the development of the industry, the application of advanced technical equipment and new materials, and the addition of cultural and artistic elements of creative economy have brought a new face to the whole industry

take Anji Kaida packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. as an example. After several years of efforts, Anji Kaida has developed from a manual workshop to a well-known local professional printing and packaging enterprise. The company now has a standardized workshop of more than 33000 square meters, which has solved the employment problem for more than 200 people. The company has introduced the world's advanced Heidelberg printing equipment and supporting production lines. The equipment investment alone reached more than 35 million yuan. In order to maximize the production capacity and replication efficiency of the equipment, the company has also introduced Heidelberg and Kodak computer direct plate making machines and two matching plate making process systems, as well as diversified back channel hardware facilities. While the two systems are running, the prepress color management system and printing digital inking system matching with printing have been achieved, and the technical problems of standardized printing have been solved. In September 2013, Anji Kaida company put a new gift box deep embossing machine into use, which is now designated as Anji white tea packaging designated enterprise by Anji County White Tea Association

pay attention to post press to create the printing industry chain

the problem of post press supporting has always been a problem that cannot be ignored in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and it is also a key issue for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop and grow. With the development of printing industry, many enterprises pay attention to technological transformation, pay more attention to the purchase of advanced equipment, but neglect the updating of post press equipment, resulting in the situation that many enterprises' post press equipment and printing equipment are not matched. Huzhou cubic Printing Co., Ltd. undertakes millions of student exercise books every year. Customers order and demand goods at the same time. Due to the lack of equipment, they have to turn to other printing enterprises for processing in busy seasons. Recently, the company added a Book Riding linkage line, which greatly eased the tension in the busy season

information flow builds an enterprise cooperation platform

more than 100 printing enterprises in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province maintain a kind of information sharing among themselves. Last year, Huzhou printing industry association created a group platform for printing enterprises at the industry station to timely understand the needs of the industry. Many small enterprises expand their business scope with the help of advanced equipment of large enterprises

Zhao Zhanyi, general manager of Changxing sencheng color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., recalled that four years ago, the company had only a simple workshop of 160 square meters, a small color offset press, 2 external technicians and 3 employees, and the machinery and equipment were old. Many orders could not be completed by himself after the next, but Zhao Zhanyi would never give up business. Of course, he chose to cooperate with enterprises, and most businesses rely on information cooperation to complete orders. After four years of efforts, the enterprise now has 6500 square meters of factory buildings and has purchased advanced equipment worth more than 10 million yuan. Last year, the sales volume was more than 25 million yuan, thus obtaining more than 1.5 million yuan of tax on new materials that are easier to process than previous composite materials. At the same time, the enterprise cooperated with Shanghai Publishing and printing University, and was determined as the designated production, study and research base of the University. Both sides also said that they would give full play to the strong basic research advantages of colleges and universities and the engineering advantages of enterprises in R & D and production.

Huzhou Xintiandi Printing Co., Ltd. is a publication printing enterprise that respects reputation and quality. On the way to the development of market economy, the company has always strengthened cooperation with some humble small printing enterprises and vowed to be the strong backing of small bosses. In this way, hundreds of advertising companies and factory directors and managers of printing enterprises in Huzhou have become its partners, making the enterprise develop rapidly

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