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Traffic control technology: with the concept of "transparent kitchen", CBTC

the first automatic train control system independently developed by Beijing Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied to the subway Yizhuang line

as the nerve center of urban rail transit on how to prolong the service life of the testing machine, CBTC (automatic train control system) is the key to ensure that the train runs through without rear end collision, and it is also the technical commanding point of the whole industry. In the past decade, almost all CBTC systems and equipment in China have to rely on imports. Now, this embarrassing situation has finally been broken

in order to equip China's rail transit with its own brain, Beijing Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as traffic control technology) finally developed the first domestic CBTC system prototype with independent intellectual property rights based on more than 10 years of technical research, and successfully realized industrialization

Gao Chunhai, President of traffic control technology, said in an interview with China Science Daily that from the basic theoretical research, research and development, pilot test of core technology to the industrialization of demonstration application level, traffic control technology has always practiced an independent innovation path based on the mode of government, industry, learning, research and application

system planning is crucial to industrial innovation, which is also like building a modern transparent kitchen. Only by building a solid and high-quality flow production line that affects the quality of the jaws, can we make high-quality and lasting delicacies. Gao Chunhai said

localization of core equipment

after more than 40 years of Beijing Metro, the localization of core equipment system has been achieved in the past three years

following the independent innovation demonstration operation of Yizhuang line, Changping line and Fangshan line, traffic control technology has successively won the big order of CBTC signal system of line 14 and line 7. Therefore, China has become the fourth country to successfully master this core technology and put it into operation after Germany, France and Canada

Gao Chunhai told that traffic control technology was established based on the core technology of Beijing Jiaotong University, and it is also the first and only high-tech company in China to master the core technology of CBTC signal system

previously, China's urban rail transit market and even the international market have been dominated by three countries, with Alstom in France, Siemens in Germany and Alcatel in Canada monopolizing the absolute share

core technologies are controlled by others, affecting the country's strategic security, especially major infrastructure. Gao Chunhai said that the automatic train control system of urban rail transit created by China has broken the international monopoly in one fell swoop

it is reported that CBTC domestic system, which has three milestone functions of automatic driving, unmanned turn back and safe operation, has the characteristics of safety, efficiency, punctuality, comfort, energy saving and more humanization compared with similar products imported from abroad. At the same time, it also solves five technical problems that restrict the development of domestic rail transit signal technology, such as high-density dynamic tracking interval control, speed safety protection control, high-precision train safety positioning, two-way communication of functional safety data, and safety computer design involved in CBTC system

Gao Chunhai said that traffic control technology will also continue to work to establish a train operation control system technology and product system in line with the three major fields of high-speed railway, urban rail transit and magnetic levitation, provide the public with efficient, reliable and low-energy rail transit control equipment, and provide high-quality and comprehensive technical support services for products

ensure the safety and reliability of the whole life cycle

rail transit CBTC signal technology funding overseas high-level talent teams up to 80million yuan of special funding for innovation and entrepreneurship research and development, engineering and industrialization is a very complex giant system. It can be said that even if the technical problems of CBTC system are solved in principle, it is not equivalent to that the system can ensure safety and reliability in engineering

according to Gao Chunhai, if such a huge system engineering technology wants to control the risk of each link, it must ensure that every detail is traceable, standardized, safe and reliable

for this reason, the concept of modern transparent kitchen came into being

we should let the people who come in for dinner know how our meals are prepared, so that they can have a hundred times more confidence in us. Gao Chunhai said that only by building a modern transparent kitchen with strict operating procedures and in place management, can the dishes you fry be hygienic

in order to make the kitchen keep improving, Gao Chunhai always has a string in his heart to build a risk control management system based on the whole life cycle, which is also an indispensable part of the kitchen construction

for this reason, Gao Chunhai asked everyone in the technical team to compile their work into processes and standards one by one, coupled with the implementation by appropriate people, to achieve safety. In addition, if the rated voltage of the equipment does not meet the voltage standard management and risk control

even if you are smart enough to see more than five steps, please write down every step of the process and process. Gao Chunhai said that it would be slow to do so. However, after your workflow is streamlined, you can do 90% of the work with only 10% of your energy

in Gao Chunhai's view, managers of science and technology enterprises should learn the decomposition method, scientifically analyze the controllability of risks, and scientifically decompose the work process. When a major risk event is decomposed into 100 small risks, the difficulty of scientific research projects may be reduced to the level that students or employees of lower technical level can control

Gao Chunhai once again stressed that only if the government, industry, learning, research and application are accurately positioned at all levels, different subjects are responsible for different stages, and in combination with the actual situation of each stage and each subject, strict and standardized processes and systems are formulated, and everyone establishes a transparent kitchen, can we promote the pace of independent innovation of enterprises

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