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Under pressure, traditional touch screen enterprises will actively transform

intelligent penetration continues to improve, and tablet computer sales continue to grow. However, traditional touch screen manufacturers feel a chill. Last week, BOE, the largest panel company in China, announced that it plans to raise 46billion yuan in private placement, of which 2.5 billion yuan will be used to launch the touch screen production line in Hefei. This is the first time that BOE has set foot in touch screen. The total investment of its Hefei touch screen project is 5.397 billion yuan, and the design capacity is 60000 glass substrates per month. It is planned to be put into production in March 2014

since sharp, lgdisplay and other Japanese and Korean panel factories supplied Apple iPhone with integrated touch modules with integrated touch and display functions, it has become a trend for panel factories to directly make touch screens. Now we are under pressure, and some customers have become competitors. A middle-level backbone of a touch screen factory in the Pearl River Delta (hereinafter referred to as TP factory) sighed

traditional touch screen enterprises such as Xinli and Laibao have felt pressure and are actively transforming to OGS (integrated capacitive touch screen) or extending to downstream touch modules. The upstream and downstream integration trend of touch industry is increasingly obvious

opportunities for single-chip touch screen

the original intelligent screen is mostly two-piece, which is composed of touch screen and LCD panel. However, the trend of light and thin makes monolithic touch screen popular. This brings a good opportunity for panel manufacturers to set foot in touch screens

by 2015, the trend will be closer integration of panel and touch control. Chen Yucun, director of the second Marketing Department of Youda optoelectronic mobile device display products, predicts that 80% of notebook computers will use OGS touch screens in 2015, and OGS will be more closely combined with LCD panels. In the next three years, will the panel factory grasp the historic leap from big to strong? 70% - 80% touch technology

there are three kinds of monolithic touch screens: in cell (embedded structure), on cell (embedded structure) and OGS. The in cell screen used in apple iphone5 is supplied by sharp, lgdisplay and JDI (a joint venture of Toshiba, Sony and Hitachi); The on cell screen used by Samsung Galaxy is the AMOLED panel produced by Samsung itself. BOE Hefei touch screen project adopts OGS technology

Yu Ningning, an analyst at DisplaySearch, believes that due to the huge influence of apple and Samsung in the intelligent field, in cell and on cell account for a relatively high proportion of touch screens. However, due to the diversification of demand, there is still a large space for OGS touch screen with stable yield and reasonable cost. Moreover, the emerging touch notebook computers also mainly use OGS screens

Yu Ningning said that the global shipment of touch modules was $24billion in 2012 and is expected to reach $34billion this year. The touch market will continue to grow, but the growth rate has fallen

Chen Yucun believes that the three major applications of intelligence, tablet computers and notebook computers have led to a double-digit annual growth rate of touch screens. In 2015, the global shipment of touch screens will reach 1.5 billion, or even close to 2billion

this year, AU Optronics launched ETP (embedded touch screen) products for the touch notebook computer market, directly fitting the touch chip with the display screen. Chen Yucun said that Microsoft launched win8 last year, but the effect was lower than expected. The market share of touch notebook computers is now only 8%, which does not meet the expectation of 10% - 15% because the price is too high. Youda launched the ETP screen, hoping to help the whole machine factory to pry the market at a lower cost

Chen Yucun said that Youda now not only produces LCD panels, but also OGS and full bonding (one of the processes of bonding touch screen and display screen), which can provide integrated services, and hopes to become a provider of panel and touch control solutions

the situation also forces the panel factory to cross the boundary. The director of small and medium-sized LCD business of a module factory in South China said that the touch chip factory now also cooperates directly with the panel factory. With the support of the chip factory, the panel factory is more confident. Panel supply was a little tight this year, and it is estimated that there will be surplus next year, so panel factories have to look for new growth points. Therefore, not only Samsung, lgdisplay, sharp, Youda, BOE and other large LCD panel factories have begun to set foot in the touch screen field, but also Zhonghua picture tube, qunchuang, Shenzhen our professional service Tianma and other panel factories have also set foot in the touch screen field this year

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