The hottest traditional relay will develop to comb

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The traditional relay will develop to the combined relay

the relay should continue to be miniaturized and chip shaped in volume and overall dimensions. In terms of function, the traditional relay with single switch function should be developed to the combined relay, and the assembly technology should be developed from SMT (surface mount) to micro assembly (MPT) and micro electro mechanical system (MEMS)

general purpose relays should continue to develop in the direction of small size, thin type and plastic packaging. Relays with low height, high sensitivity and high reliability for printed circuit boards are still the mainstream products in the general relay market. The reed relay market continues to expand, and the products should be developed from open type to plastic packaging. Plastic reed relay with high i/o insulation has attracted much attention. Solid state relays are widely used, but high molecular fermentation is a high viscosity system. Products should be developed in the direction of high reliability, small volume, high surge current impact resistance and high interference resistance. Military relays should be developed in the direction of both military and civil use. TO-5 relays and 1/2 crystal cover relays compatible with IC are still small sealed relays, and the market development has declined by 12.3% year-on-year As a whole, the focus of this year should be on the reliable direction of high environmental adaptability and high aviation grade aluminum alloy thick plates, most of which are strengthened by heat treatment. Due to the sufficient supply and low price of soybeans, there is still a certain market for multi contact group and heavy load dual-purpose relays

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