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Northern transportation took the lead in passing the inspection exemption for export vehicles in Northeast China

Northern transportation took the lead in passing the inspection exemption for export vehicles in Northeast China

therefore, China must have confidence; 2. Entering the conflict outbreak period, ExxonMobil Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. launched two new brands of iquid XP at the 2016 K exhibition.

recently, the large-scale industrial agglomeration area with Shenyang Northern communications heavy industry group as the leading enterprise has the characteristics of clear leading industries and industrial agglomeration, large export scale, high overall quality and safety level, and sound quality management mechanism, The group took the lead in becoming the first private enterprise in Liaoning and even northeast China to pass the inspection exemption for exported vehicles, which is also a new advantage for Northern transportation to enhance its international competitiveness, expand its export scale and achieve take-off

in addition to enjoying 9 convenience measures, the group will also enjoy more preferential export, gradually abolishing the batch management system and replacing batch management with risk monitoring; Exemption from supervision and random inspection of illegally inspected goods; For foreign aid materials and non exported goods, the self declaration of the enterprise can be recognized, or the inspection results of a third party institution can be accepted, and verification supervision can be implemented; Provide industrial development support and regulatory convenience measures for export processing enterprises to carry out overseas maintenance, testing, research and development and other new businesses, and promote the transformation and upgrading of export industries; In addition to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the self-use equipment imported by enterprises for processing and production can be subject to joint inspection, and the inspection fee can be halved. For the imported raw materials and parts of the full digital closed-loop control and measurement system of the relaxation experimental machine, eight preferential policies, such as the convenience of territorial supervision measures such as exemption from inspection, can be implemented to further promote the healthy development of enterprises and boost the take-off of Shenyang Machinery manufacturing industry

with the continuous improvement of the northern transportation operation mechanism and the close combination with the international economic situation and industrial development direction, the group will continue to explore new supervision modes, strengthen communication with relevant departments, actively strive for more preferential policies, integrate resource advantages, and strengthen the quality and safety traceability management system. The group will be built into a model enterprise with honesty and trustworthiness, product quality and safety, scientific and effective supervision, complete industrial chain, and continuously improved export-oriented degree. It will become a benchmark enterprise among the national and provincial machinery manufacturing enterprises with full small load, and lay a solid foundation for applying for the national export automobile product quality and safety enterprise next year

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