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Traditional printing enterprises must keep up with the pace of transformation to digital printing

with the continuous development of digital printing machines, the concept of digital printing has begun to gain popularity, especially in the current transportation and packaging of cosmetics, which is mainly corrugated boxes, graphic fast printing industry, and digital printing brush is widely used. Therefore, traditional printing has encountered an unprecedented impact, Many traditional printing enterprises have also gradually begun to transform to digital printing

in the digital transformation of printing equipment manufacturing industry, the fierce shock of international manufacturing enterprises has created opportunities and challenges for China's printing equipment manufacturing industry. At the end of 2011, Manroland officially applied for bankruptcy protection, which attracted great attention of the industry. Although Langley Holdings Limited of British Engineering Group acquired Manroland's production plant in Offenbach (including all real estate) and marketing agencies in more than 40 countries around the world, the shadow of restructuring still lingers

on January 19, 2012, despite struggling, Kodak came to the last step and filed for bankruptcy protection in New York in accordance with Chapter 11 of the U.S. bankruptcy law. Kodak, the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of imaging products and related services founded in 1880 and once a glorious company for a century, had to face a cruel outcome because it could not keep up with the pace in the digital tide on its 131st birthday

on July 8, 2011, the Tokyo District Court announced that it had decided to stop the civil regeneration procedures of Shinohara Co., Ltd. and issued an order to preserve and manage the property of the company, which entered bankruptcy protection. On December 12, 2011, Liaoning Han's Guanhua officially announced the acquisition of product technology, patents, equipment and all inventories of Shinohara company, Japan. This is another important international merger and acquisition event in the printing machine industry with more accurate domestic experimental data after Shanghai Electric's acquisition of Akiyama of Japan and Gauss of the United States. If the acquisition of Akiyama of Japan is aimed at sheet fed double-sided multi-color offset printing machine, it also includes the manufacturing technology of large-scale sheet fed multi-color offset printing machine; The acquisition of American Gauss is aimed at the market of book, newspaper and commercial web offset printing machines; Then Liaoning Han's Guanhua acquired Shinohara from Japan. In view of the lack of varieties of multi-color offset printing machines for sheet fed paper, the introduction of technology will undoubtedly bring new hope to improve the technical level of products, expand the varieties and specifications and improve the industrialization level. The acquisition of these three foreign enterprises reflects the substantial improvement of China's printing equipment manufacturing level and the strengthening of its competitiveness in the international market

at the beginning of the new year, Japan "There are different quality assurance steps in the whole production line. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and leyoubi signed a business alliance agreement on January 23. It is said that both Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and leyoubi are strengthening the adjustment of enterprise structure and agree to build a new alliance mode in the field of sheet fed printing equipment. They may consider establishing a sheet fed printing equipment production and manufacturing company in the future, which will once again open the storm of enterprise restructuring.

recently, it was published internationally It is also reported that the Encyclopedia Britannica has stopped printing and turned to digital edition in an all-round way. Since its publication in 1768, the book has experienced 244 glorious years, witnessing the evolution of human knowledge and the changes in the history of book publishing. The birth of Internet has changed people's lives. The success of encyclopedia stations, including encyclopedia, has touched the publishing concept of the compilers of Encyclopedia Britannica. Today, with digitalization and informatization, Encyclopedia Britannica takes advantage of the trend and chooses to continue to build a knowledge repository for the public in a more comprehensive, authoritative and dynamic network form

in September 2012, the US "record" announced that it had filed for bankruptcy protection, which was 6. 5% since the financial crisis Software upgrade: the third newspaper giant that announced bankruptcy after the standard update (or the increase of users)

at the end of 2012, the print media industry in Germany was experiencing the biggest collapse since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany. Three influential newspapers declared bankruptcy consecutively in the month, causing thousands of people to lose their jobs. The enterprises that announced the bankruptcy include Frankfurt Tribune, German financial times and Nuremberg evening news

the experience of international printing media and manufacturing enterprises reflects the strong impact brought by digitalization. The transformation of printing media to electronic media and network media is a problem that will be encountered sooner or later. The printing equipment manufacturing industry should recognize the changes in the market and take countermeasures as soon as possible

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