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Traditional printing has stepped into the digital gate

printing is an important part of the publishing industry, and printing equipment and technology occupy a very important position in the publishing industry. Recently, the first China International Publishing Technology and Equipment Expo with the theme of new media, new technology and new platform was held in Tianjin, which focused on the achievements and future development trends of publishing equipment and new technology in this regard. As the first exhibition in the industry featuring publishing technology and equipment, visitors can not only see the latest technological products, but also feel the fashionable digital cultural life

green technology highlights the development trend. According to the strategic deployment of the 12th Five Year Plan of the printing industry, the organizers vigorously promote green printing, digital printing and printing digital technology and achievements. All exhibitors have shown their skills to show their advanced technology

the sj-wl6160 digital inkjet printer displayed by Beijing Saijie graphic equipment Co., Ltd. adopts advanced control technology to provide a temperature and pressure control source for the Saier nozzle. The gentle pulse action effectively prevents the formation of foam, and is equipped with system ready and insufficient ink indicators. When the machine is turned off, the system will automatically have appropriate pressure to retain the ink in the machine, that is, to avoid ink leakage, It can also prevent air from entering. The computer operating system platform of the machine is a four core processor above win dowsxp2ghz, which can be fully used to improve performance. Variable data printing software connects the customer database with various digital printing equipment, and outputs variable data information on paper and other substrates. Chengdu Xintu new materials Co., Ltd. is one of the representative enterprises of green printing. Its product water free offset printing plate is used as the blank part of the printing plate through the ink repellent silicone rubber layer after plate making. There is no need to moisten the plate, which avoids the point expansion and layer loss caused by the water ink balance, as well as the possibility of ink emulsification and paper deformation formed in production. The product does not need to use fountain solution, which avoids the pollution caused by the use of chemicals and reduces printing failures. 4. During the operation of mortar tensile testing machine and the generation of waste products, it not only improves the production efficiency, but also improves the green efficiency of printing. From this point of view, green printing is no longer the traditional dilemma of being green and giving up benefits, but a new green force brought about by technological innovation. Luohua digitalization makes reading more attractive. The electronic platform for culture and education is an open and cooperative operation mode of mutual benefit and win-win, said chenzhenfeng, founder of Yongheng Cultural Innovation Park in an interview. It has built a brand that includes all publishing units and allows all co renting partners to join in, so as to achieve a profitable and sustainable development on the electronic platform. The exhibitor, United Electronic Publishing Co., Ltd., was established in 1992 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Commercial Press (Hong Kong) Limited. The Shangwen education electronic platform developed by the company takes readers' reading as the main body, and provides three-dimensional sales of paper books, e-books and stationery. Through the bundled sales of paper books and e-books, readers can choose paper books and e-books at will to have an interactive reading experience. E-books can be downloaded across platforms and carriers. The professional bookstores built for each publishing unit can reflect their own brand characteristics, cultural concepts and build three-dimensional business entities connecting physical stores. Each bookstore has a central operation background, which can improve the operation efficiency and service level

digitalization and networking of educational resources are becoming a new development trend in the publishing industry. Through the application of intelligent interactive technology, networking education can provide personalized teaching services for teachers and students in different regions, different economic conditions, different educational environments, and different teacher levels. The multimedia digital classroom created by FLTRP is particularly eye-catching in its distinctive booths. Lecturers only need to hold a black pen and point on English textbooks, and they will send out pure and crisp English words or dialogues; When you click on the e-learning whiteboard next to it, the dialogue pictures are displayed incisively and vividly. According to the person in charge of FLTRP, since the spring of 2011, the foreign research English textbooks used by primary school students and junior and senior high school students in some provinces have been upgraded to digital audio point reading textbooks. The new textbook includes voice materials such as text reading, expert explanation, Chinese translation and exercise tips. It adopts the high-tech of printing the invisible base code associated with the audio file on the paper. Through the designated external research through point reading pen, gently click the text or picture printed with the invisible base code, you can make the textbook speak

there are many highlights of post press technology. As a rising star in recent years, the post press field has also become a prominent element of the exhibition. Box pasting machine, bronzing machine, bag making machine, leather case machine, folding machine and other products were frequently unveiled in the exhibition area. Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of post press equipment. Its product mk21060ste bronzing machine adheres to the humanized design concept, and is equipped with a centerline alignment system, a die-cutting lower base plate fine adjustment device, a honeycomb plate (die-cutting plate frame) and lower base plate pneumatic quick lock device, a push-pull foil rack device, a waste cleaning frame fine adjustment and a waste cleaning plate quick lock device After receiving, the pneumatic control device for paper leveling greatly improves the automation of the whole machine. The touch screen can display all information about the operation of the equipment, which is convenient for the operator to monitor the operation status of the equipment. The operation is simpler and more flexible. Therefore, the production efficiency can be effectively improved by implementing the new environmental protection law and emission standards in 2015

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